It Takes a Village: Alice's Bucket List

I found Alice's blog about a week or so after she began her posts.  It moved me to tears and, during a time when I was mourning the loss of my mami, it gave me a little perspective.  Here was this 15-year old girl that had a bucket list because the doctors had done all they could for her. I find her blog amazing. It's a constant reminder of what's really important.  It's also wonderful to see her crossing off those items on her list thanks to those that she has reached.  After all, it takes a village, doesn't it?

I have been planning this for a while but, haven't gotten around to it. I won't give any excuses.  I am here now.  To ask you for a favor.  About three years ago I was moved by Lord-knows-what to send for a packet from DKMS.  I clearly remember doing this maybe a month before I got pregnant.  And I remember being concerned when I found out I was pregnant thinking that they'd call me up and I wouldn't be able to donate my marrow.  They didn't call but ever since then, I've wanted others to follow suit.  Especially those of us of ethnic background. Bone marrow is hard to come by but, for those kids and adults of different ethnic groups, that number is drastically smaller.

I can tell you the test is quite simple. You get a swab, some paperwork that you have to fill out (your pertinent information, etc), a postage paid envelope to return the swab in and voila! It is done! Doesn't it sound simple? Ten minutes of your time (I'm accounting for you slow pokes that haven't handwritten anything since the 3rd grade. You'll need a little more time than the rest).

So how about you click on Get Swabbed and order your own kit?  You'll be adding to the growing list of donors, thereby helping Alice cross of the #1 thing on her Bucket List.  Still need convincing?  Check out these videos and then let me know how you feel.

Meet Shannon...

This is a cute video of kids role playing. Though they are adorable, the topic and the facts are quite sobering...!

If you are on Twitter, please be sure to follow Alice at @Alice_Pyne.  She would very much like to trend so, if at all possible, throw up a Tweet with the hashtag #alicebucketlist for her, will you?  She has also started a non-profit to help sick kids in need It's called Alice's Escape (@AlicesEscapes).  Alice is proof not only that it takes a village but that, it's never too late to fulfill your purpose in life.

I am eternally grateful for the lessons this now 16 year old has taught me. Have you ordered your kit? If so, leave me a comment and let me know!

 Update: Alice passed away peacefully on 1/12/13. Her mother says: Our darling girl, Alice, gained her angel wings today. She passed away peacefully with Simon, Milly and myself by her side. We are devastated and know that our lives will never again be the same. #NightNightAlice