It's PaWii Time!!!!

What can I say? I am having way too much fun with the Wii!  Not only do I get to play cool games and still interact with my family but I get to come up with fabulous names, titles and nuances for Wii (guys, really, you should totally hire me to come up with stuff like this! Has anyone come up with paWii yet? Cuz I think I'm the first). So last week I told you all about the Wii Console.  I could probably spend months of once-a-week posts about their games.  But really, I'd rather you just take my word for it and go get these and see for yourself.

I had the pleasure of "playing" Mario Party 9.  I wasn't really playing because this is work, you know. I'm working hard to make sure that you know how cool this game is. I hope you appreciate it!

Here are two things that mamis need to know:

1. Mario Party 9 will keep your house clean.  How, you might ask? Simple! I want to have people over regularly so that I can whoop on them and I feel that this must be done in a clean home so that the guests don't have anything to talk about when you send them home with their tails between their legs.  Also, I feel that because this game has so much to offer, you don't have to clutter up your dining room table with board games. Why bother? Mario Party 9 is like Prego: it's in there! (if you don't get that reference you don't need to be reading this blog, youngin')

2. Mario Party 9 will make you a better mami: playing this game will let you release some of that pent up stress you got going on.  It's relaxed and chilled and just the right amount of fun that you need to keep you from eating your young.  And if you get good enough to beat your kids then you'll feel even better!

I guess those 2 things could apply to everyone though (except for the eating your young thing).

The cool thing about this is that there's something for everyone.  I liked that when playing the games it starts off with a cute storyline that kicks things off and keeps it going.  As I mentioned before, I like the Wii because it still has you interacting with people even though you're playing a video game. And it's even better when you have a group of family or friends over and everyone is playing at once.  It also doesn't feel ridiculously competitive because there's a fun "feeling" to the game (although we all know it's all about beating up on others, right?).  I don't know if I can even explain it.  I felt happy just turning the game on and seeing all of the characters as well as selecting which one I'd be.  I won't tell you who I picked but I'd love to know who you think I'd pick.

Okay, enough writing. I believe it's paWii time over at the mami household.  Have you played Mario Party 9? Do you have a favorite game?

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