Hermanas, Amigas and Stilettos (#SMLatinas)

I flew up to NYC last Thursday morning because I had a very special event to attend.  It was the Kick Off Your Heels party put together by Stiletto Media. Now, these are women that I have been in touch with for months. We support each other, we participate in campaigns together and we have a good time doing so.  The question was, would this translate to real life?

I took a quick cab ride over to Pio Pio in Hell's Kitchen accompanied by Myrah (aka Coupon Mamcita) unsure of what I'd find. Well, I had no reason to be concerned. This was the very first time I had a chance to meet everyone in person though I feel so close to everyone already. The energy in that place was...joy.

We were all so happy to see each other.  It was like a reunion of old friends.  If it wasn't for all the fun we were having checking out the brands that made it all possible you would think this was just another girl's night out.

The support felt palpable to me.  At one point in time I got teary-eyed from all of the love I felt in the room.  Granted, it could've been the ridiculously good sangria but, seeing as I only had half a cup, I will have to own my feelings on this one.

Or, I could blame the cevichito mixto which they served beautifully in a spoon and which I think I'd prefer in a big mixing bowl. Oh em gee! I want some right now. But, I digress.

I have seen so many negative comments about women and blogging, about bloggers at conference, word battles, etc. Let me tell you how blessed I felt to have started off my trip with this amazing group of women.  Migdalia, the brains behind the heels, was so open and welcoming.  It translated on to everyone and everything that night. I loved meeting old online friends and new ones.

Of course, giggles translated over as well.  Now, let me explain this picture before you see it! Lourdes, Stiletto's new office manager, wanted to get a close up picture of both of our tattoos.  She tried to get her arm as close to my leg as possible. And in trying to do that, she put her hand on my (fantastic) behind. I can hear her now apologizing for having her hand on my butt and me giggling.  Unbeknownst to us, a close up picture was NOT being taken. Instead, we got the picture below! It's priceless. I've threatened to sue for emotional distress for being groped. Alas, my grinning face shows the opposite! But those tattoos from Glitter Tattoo NYC were a big hit and everyone wanted to show them off.

That night was filled with nothing but good feelings, great friends, sisters in the making and amazing shoes!  Tell me, are you part of an uplifting group of women?

If you want to know more about Stiletto Media or want to be a part of this inspiring group of women, check them out and grab a badge.

Disclosure: As a member of the Stiletto Media Blogger Network,  my trip to the VIP Latina Blogger Event was sponsored, but as always, my thoughts and words are my own.