I Tell No Lies


If you’ve hung around here for any period of time you know I love books. Like “I really should talk to someone about my passion” type of love. The type of love that perhaps might make me seem like a geek or a nerd. Thankfully, when you love books this much, you don’t care one bit about what anyone thinks. Which is a good thing. Long story short (yeah, right!), I also happen to love Julie Compton. And not just because she’s all beautiful and smart. Julie is the type of woman I like to hang around. No nonsense, tell it like it is, brainy, funny…okay, I should stop here and tell you I’ve never dated Julie though it kinda sounds like I did.  It’s because I’ve dated her books.

Julie’s first book Tell No Lies left me with a couple of sleepless nights back when I had the luxury of no crying child and no blog to write at 2 a.m. I was hooked. A couple of weeks ago I was pulling out of my driveway and out of the blue this thought hit me “I wonder how Jenny is doing?”. Jenny is one of the characters in Julie’s book. And, I know that they don’t lead a life after I turn the last page. But I find that the best books always leave their characters behind in my subconscious. It’s the same thing with Bel Canto. But, I digress.

I think that was my bookworm premonition telling me something was about to happen because a few days later I saw that Julie was relaunching her book on Kindle in anticipation for the sequel! This type of news makes me do a happy dance! This is the new cover designed by her daughter. Isn’t it slick?

Then, like a day ago I saw that Tell No Lies was available on the Kindle FOR FREE. And seriously, if you don’t go get the book immediately I need to friend you on FB so I can unfriend you for not downloading it.

Do you like legal thrillers? Because this one had me on the edge of my seat. It’s about this “good” guy. His name is Jack and it looks like he has the perfect life. He’s good looking, has a smart and beautiful wife, has a great job, lives by his morals, yada yada yada.

Then he finds himself in one of those positions where married guys don’t want to find themselves with his lawyer friend Jenny. Then he starts looking at running for district attorney after his boss resigns and Jack is basically deemed the perfect candidate for the job. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that his little friend becomes the main suspect in a shocking murder and he may or may not be her alibi depending on how much he wants his wife to find out. Add all that together and what we have here folks is a thriller filled with enough drama to keep it interesting and enough action to keep you awake at night.

You can read the official description on Amazon. While you’re hitting “buy” which you really aren’t because it’s free. Well, hopefully you’ll get there before the promotion is over. You better hurry. Go do it now. I’ll wait for you.

What I cannot wait for is Keep No Secrets. I mean really. I’m secretly hoping that Julie takes pity on me and sends it as soon as she reads this post. Julie, I NEED this book!

If you find yourself wanting more of Julie after you breeze through Tell No Lies and before Keep No Secret is released then I suggest you head on over and grab yourself Rescuing Olivia. Which, by the way is only $2.99. I mean come on, people! Quality reading for this low of a price? Thank Gawd for Kindle, eh?

Head on over and give Julie a shout on her Facebook page or send her a message on Twitter. I’m trying to encourage her to tweet more but, I don’t think I’ve won her over yet. Oh and, if you want to read a little about why Julie decided to self publish after having been with a major publisher, you can read her blog.

See, now you have some fun reading for the weekend. This book is awesome. Get it. Trust me, I’m a Mami. And I tell no lies…

About Julie:

Julie is awesome. She owns a Harley Kawasaki, has two beautiful daughters and is married to this crazy guy that happens to be hilarious. There might also be weird creatures living in her house. And cats (sorry Julie, this is all I can come up with right now).

Check out her website and get to know all of the official stuff.



Update: the Kindle book is no longer available for free BUT you can get a copy for $2.99. Oh and Julie is awesome and will gift the first 5 of y'all a copy of the book. Hurry, hurry!