Saving Face: Makeup 101

I've been talking to you guys about Mami Swagger for a while, haven't I? I talk a good game, don't you think? Well, I can say that like you, I'm trying.  Keeping up some semblance of being fine, sexy and beautiful while wearing yoga pants and attempting to scoop poop out of recently washed panties is not easy. Let. Me. Tell. You. I think I told you guys recently that I had bad acne in high school.  I never really fell in love with makeup.  When I used it, it was to try and cover up the blemishes so there was always a certain amount of stress associated with it.  Looking back, I don't think I ever shook that. So when I met Cat during the Chevy Orlando event and she said she would love to show me a few things I thought, okay.  I'm up for the challenge. Next thing you know, I found myself staring at a beautiful space. I'm not kidding! This is what it looked like:

When she opened the drawers, I felt a little like the way I feel when I open a calculus book (you know, if I were EVER to open a calculus book).  A little queasy and overwhelmed with a slight desire to bolt out of the nearest exit.

Thankfully, Cat is so chill and laid back that I simply took my seat while chit chatting and soon forgot how inept I am with this stuff. As directed I had brought over my (laughable) makeup stock. She didn't laugh. She grabbed some things out and we got right to work.

First thing she called bullshit on: me taking care of my face. I have been using some awesome Neutrogena products lately and my skin has felt so great. But I was telling her that I had sensitive skin that would sometimes flake a bit. Cat touched the exact spot that I was mentally projecting into her head and then proceeded to ask me about my water intake. Um, yeah, about that. I've been slacking. So good news: my skin looks good I just need to hydrate it.

That was the first of MANY things I learned. Ms. Thang talked to me about my moisturizer and for the first time ever explained to me when I should put it on.  And, do you know what serum is for? Because I surely have been lathering it on my face and obviously had no clue what it was really doing. Cat told me that I should NOT put moisturizer on when my face was completely dry. Moisturizer is supposed to lock in the moisture on your skin (DUH!) so if my face is dry, what's it doing? She also explained that the serum gets deeper into the skin and then the moisturizer locks that in thereby letting it to its magic. Did you know that? If you did, why didn't you tell me?!

Cat was patient and SO knowledgable.  I guess it comes with four years of doing beautiful makeup.  We had a good time. Me, trying to take notes. Her, trying to throw on makeup and doing a great job instructing me.  I found out that I had made a good color matching choice when I went with Neutrogena (yay me!).  She took me through how to apply concealer, the foundation, the eye color, the eyeliner, you name it. Oh before I forget. Do you know what primer is? For your face, not your walls. I do!

At some point in time, though I realized there was makeup on one side of my face only. And then the panic set in when she said "let me not get too crazy on the colors since you have to reproduce this on the other side". Eh, what?! I've seen makeup classes on TV, Cat.  And I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually do anything to themselves! Suddenly the room felt really small and I was reminded of the nerves I got when I was taking the SAT.

Suddenly it was my turn and dammit wouldn't you know it? I can do makeup! I was sooo happy! Now, don't get me wrong, I made a few mistakes but, I did it.  Thankfully I did it well enough so that my face didn't look all mismatched.  Cat put me at ease by telling me that the good thing about makeup is that it can always be fixed.  After looking at the finished product I realized that 3 hours had passed. THREE HOURS PEOPLE! Where had the time gone?

I was left with a beautiful face and so much information on how I can add a little something to my day to up my Mami Swagger.  I felt like a million bucks.  But you know what the BEST part of the entire experience was?

Cat worked with what I had. Not just my face but my makeup bag. She was able to tell me what was good in there and what wasn't so good.  And then, she didn't give me the $500 alternative.  She gave me choices based on my budget and my spending habits. I left with a shopping list of things that I needed in my bag that wouldn't drain my wallet.  I don't think I would've gotten that if I went to a makeup counter.

Having a private session put me at ease but you know what? I think it would've also been fun with a couple of my friends. Either way, I am ecstatic with the end result which is multi-prong:

  1. I got to wear pretty makeup
  2. I got to learn about pretty makeup
  3. I got to experiment with pretty makeup
  4. I didn't spend the kid's college fund on pretty makeup

Now the challenge will be whether or not I'll keep this up. I love the fact that I was sent home to practice because, practice makes perfect. Next time you see me out and about, check out my face (or my Instagram). I hope to be making Cat proud by wearing makeup that's simply me.

Have you been to a makeup artist and if so, what was your experience like?

If you're in the Central Florida area and want to book your own makeup lesson with this terrific makeup artist, give her a shout on her website. Tell her I sent you!