Blogust 2015


August Blogust is here! It's one of my favorite months because who doesn't love to help babies around the world?! Blogust 2015 kicks off today. As before, for every comment, like or share on the Blogust posts, 1 vaccine (up to 50,000) will be given to a child in a developing country through Project Perpetual.

And where can you find the daily Blogust posts? Why you can just head on over to the website and check that out along with the amazing folks that are holding up the torches for this great cause. I am humbled and happy to announce that my post will be going up on the 'gram on Thursday, August 6th. Be sure to follow and comment, like, share!

This year, we are sharing our favorite quotes. Can I tell you how difficult this was? I have a quotes database because...geekery. Do you know how impossible it is to pick a favorite? Well, the one I've selected is definitely one of my faves. I hope that it will speak to you in the way that it speaks to me.

And, you can join us on Twitter TODAY from 1-2 p.m. ET. Every tweet with #Blogust or @ShotAtLife during this hour equals one vaccine for a child around the world. Pretty cool, eh? 


So tell me, if you had one quote to share, what would it be?