Of Books and Cookies (a procrastinator's guide)

I recently found GoodReads.com.  As an ex-book buyer to say that I love books is an understatement (just ask The Man, he had to move all 50+ boxes of books the last time we moved).  Recently, I've begun trying to cull through the collection.  By recently I mean, in the last 6 months (don't judge me!).  I have unpacked quite a few books and have managed to start cataloging the books once again.  Thus far, I have 236 books set up in Delicious Library.  I figure I have like 2k more to go.  I love that program because, hello?!  It keeps all of my books in one place AND allows me to manage my lending.  Which means that I get to send hate mail to my family and friends who borrow a book and don't return it by the designated time.  But, I digress. GoodReads.com is like FB for book junkies.  You can see what all of your friends are reading or have read.  And you can keep a list of your own books.  It's gotten me thinking about how much I love books again.  As the mami of a 15-month old, reading has fallen to the wayside.  I used to go through 2-4 books a MONTH!  Now, I'm lucky if I finish one book every 2-4 months.  I am trying to get better and the way to do that is to purge the personal library.  I keep saying I am going to have a book sale but that would require me to actually go through ALL of the boxes of books and then decide that most of them are not going to be kept.  When we first moved in, The Man told me he didn't want the books displayed all over the house.  Which meant that they'd have to be stored in the office.  And, you can't put too many bookcases in my office.  So, what to do?  Recently, I think he's come around and has started saying that he doesn't want me to get rid of my books.  I think he feels bad for me because, how do I part with my friends?  But, if I keep these books, where will I put them?  That's another story for another blog.

I started this blog today because I am mad that 1. this morning as I was driving in to work I thought of some GREAT blog ideas but, having taken the cell phone pledge on Oprah.com, I didn't want to use my phone to take a note and thus, the blog ideas have washed away in the morning rain and 2. I am planning on going through a few boxes of books this evening and, blogging is my way of procrastinating.  But seriously, I wanted to tell you about a great book: Rescuing Olivia by my friend Julie Compton.  She is awesome. I can't say enough about her.  I am so excited about her writing that I don't want to tell you anything about this book.  It's delicious.  Go read for yourself!  Should you want to buy her book, I list them both in my Amazon Store (click on the Book Mami link on the side bar).  Her first book is called Tell No Lies.  And, man! You know how you feel when you eat a great piece of chocolate?  When you put it in your mouth and it slowly melts with all of its chocolaty goodness and all you can say is mmm...mmm...mmm.  That's how I'd describe that book!  So, there are your two recommendations.

The last recommendation is totally self serving.  In clearing my books in the garage, I find that I have some of my own poetry books that haven't sold yet.  And so, I invite you to go pick up a copy on Amazon (click here).  I don't just want you to pick up a copy because I want to get them out of my garage, by the way.  It's pretty good poetry.  You can check out some of my poetry (not from the book) at Between the Shades.  If you like poetry, I know you will enjoy the book.

And now, without further adieu, I am going to...go find something to eat before culling through some boxes.  I think I'll go bake snickerdoodle cookies!