The Great Debate

I have read a great many blogs and articles lately about nursing. And it's starting to piss me off! I don't believe you should judge someone's decision to nurse or bottle feed. I don't believe that you need to blurt out your very personal explanation as to why you are doing what you are doing WITH YOUR KID to a stranger.  I have had friends who wanted to nurse but couldn't. And they have happy, lovely kids. I have friends that never even wanted to try it and it doesn't make them any less loving toward their child. BUT I do feel that, while a lot of people talk about being judged for bottle feeding, those same people turn right around and make judgements about nursing! You are doing the same thing that you claim scarred you and made you miserable. Why? Does it make us feel better to bring someone down? What is it with us women not accepting one another and lifting each other up?

I can say that I received slack from people about my decision to nurse. So I guess we're all being harassed by others. But it was MY choice. I stand by it.  I stand by the time that the frog princess nursed and my decision to self-wean.  It is MY body and it is MY child.  The same applies to all women who choose to bottle feed.  I wish I could start a movement to stop all the judgement!

As long as a baby is loved, I don't care how you nourish it (and neither will the baby). It is unfortunate that as mamis, we're running around feeling bad for our choices as if we don't have enough on our plates. I am sincerely sorry that mamis that don't nurse (for whatever the reason) feel judged or somehow made to feel like they are less than other mamis.  But don't sit on your high horse and think that you can judge me for the way that I chose to provide sustenance just because someone did it to you.  What ever happened to do undo others as you'd have them do unto you?

Can we make a conscious decision to stop the judging?

It is sad to see that women don't encourage, compliment or nurture one another more often. This world would be a different place if we did.