Sobrecitos Con Sabor


(packets with flavor)

I recently realized that I Instagram, Pin and Tweet a lot about food. It doesn’t come as a surprise although I must admit I don’t blog about it as often as I’d like (possibly because I’m usually busy stuffing my face).

Food is a biggie in my house (once we got past the passive aggressive fight to gain control of the kitchen). This week, I got a chance to show Papi something he didn’t know about. And let me tell you, he gave me the high eyebrows head nod which is pretty darn good.

See, Papi has always loved cooking. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard him say that he doesn’t cook with bouillon cubes because he has no patience for those things to dissolve. So when I heard about these new Mazola® Sobrecitos™, I had to try them.


I didn’t want to try them on traditional dishes (well, I did but I wanted to come up with something more).  See, I like the flavors of these sobrecitos. And, while I liked the flavors of the cubes in the past, I had a lot of limitations (like, it had to be something that would let the cubes dissolve).

This time around, I drizzled my macaroni and crab salad with a packet of the chicken flavor and it was genius if I do say so myself!


This was the only picture I was able to capture of the salad. Alas, I made the mistake of thinking I could eat before setting up for a photo. By the time I went back, this salad had pretty much disintegrated in the tummies of those I love. I actually boiled the pasta with a little of the powder first to get that flavor right in to the macaroni. Seasoning my salad with the rest of the powder just brought out such a good flavor. Not too salty and full of flavorful.

Of course, I wasn’t satisfied with just this so, when I made black eyed peas the other day, I used a sobrecito and again, it delivered. Both in flavor and in ease-of-use. Side note, what’s the Spanish translation for black eyed peas where you’re from?


Maybe it’s the fact that Mazola® Sobrecitos® are made with natural sea salt or maybe it’s that I don’t have to stand in front of the stove either 1. stirring the pot in hopes that the cube has dissolved and praying that if it hasn’t it doesn’t end up in my plate or 2. hunting for said cube with one spoon so that I can smash it with a second spoon. Really? Do we have to do all this work for the flavor? I can now answer a resounding no to that!

Back to Papi. I was telling him about this because I was sautéing (guizando) some chicken for him and I added el sobrecito de tomate (I love that they have the “traditional” chicken flavor and this). Of course, he wanted to know what it was that I’d just sprinkled in to the pan. Not only did it give it just the right flavor I was looking for but it added a nice red glow to the chicken. Again, I’m a horrible blogger for not having perfectly plated food but, I did not learn from the macaroni salad experience and by the time I ate, got the frog princess bathed and in bed, all that was left was the empty pan.

Needless to say, these have become the go-to flavor in my kitchen. I’m happy to say that I caught Papi using a chicken-flavored Sobrecito yesterday. He was making a pot of beans. And again, he gave me the high eyebrows nod which for him, is the ultimate hats off to another cook.

Are you ready to try these yummy Sobrecitos for yourself to see if you agree?

Enter below for a chance to get your very own Mazola® Sobrecitos® AND a $25 Walmart gift card! You should also share your dish with me. That'’s not a requirement, per se but, it would be a nice thing to do for me if you win. Don’t you think?

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