The Puggle, the Princess, the Paw Print and the Purina® Pro Plan® {#ProPlanPet}

Disclosure: This is shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias . All thoughts, opinions and barking are purely my own. Any crafts that include the use of thumbs are all Mami & the Frog Princess. It's taken me long enough to get on here but as soon as Mami mentioned my Purina® Pro Plan®, I had to jump in and volunteer to finally contribute a post! I know a thing or two about good nutrition and great taste. Seeing as the only food that doesn't mess with my tummy is Purina® Pro Plan®, I can tell you I'm a bit of an expert in this category. What can I say? I'm a #ProPlanPet .

Another thing I'm an expert in? My family. Mami, the Frog Princess and I are thick as thieves. They keep me on my toes during the week but on weekends, it's our time to bond. Now that it's no longer freezing in Florida, I'm all about the all-important car ride!

Of course, this weekend we headed to like the only store that I can shop at these days. I love PetSmart for a lot of different reasons but mainly because I can stroll down the aisle in peace as I search for the next good bag of Purina® Pro Plan®. It's not easy to pick one, by the way. So many options!

I was anxious to get back home because Mami was talking about doing crafts and apparently, it was finally time to get me involved. Yahtzee! 

Mami's always talking about how we're growing and how she wants to keep us little. But she can't! We are both healthy and strong. The girl gets her fruits and veggies and I get real chicken, beef, lamb, or salmon because it's the #1 ingredient found in all Purina® Pro Plan® dry formulas. I normally eat the salmon but this time around, I barked at the Savor® Adult shredded blend chicken and rice. Can you say yum?

SAMSUNG CSCI remember a time before we found Purina® Pro Plan®. They were sad times with lots of tummy problems and skin issues. I'm so glad those times are behind me!

After getting a big bowl of awesome, Mami got to work! She's been wanting to do some paw and hand prints and we're finally getting around to it! I'm extra psyched that my man NoNo is here with us too. We are known around these parts as the three amigos!

Here's how we created a Best Friends Keepsake for our wall.

How to create a best friends keepsake for you and your pup.

Items Needed:

  • Unfinished shadow box (8x8)
  • Canvas panel (8x8)
  • Non-toxic paint (for prints)
  • Wood paint for shadow box
  • Paper plate
  • Brushes
  • All purpose glue
  • Wooden flower
  • Wooden word sign
  • Napkins
  • Baby wipes

Craft Supplies

Select your craft area. We use a picnic mat to do our handy work.

  1. In a small paper plate, pour out non-toxic paint (the frog princess chose yellow for me because I make her smile and because it's her second favorite color. Can you guess which one is her first?)
  2. Cradle the puppy and gently put the paw lightly into the paint (make sure you don't get too much paint on the paw)
  3. Immediately press the paw down on the canvas
  4. Use napkins and baby wipes to clean up the paint from the paws
  5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for the humansMaking hand prints
  6. Set canvas aside to dryPrints
  7. Select the paint of choice for your shadow box (we chose blue and orange to match our decor)
  8. Paint the box and set aside to dryPainted shadow box
  9. Once the box and the canvas are dry, insert the canvas into the shadow box gently (too much pressure might cause the canvas to rip)
  10. Glue wooden flower and word sign around the framePuggle, Princess & Print
  11. Hang on your wall


Pretty nifty, eh? 

Are you on Instagram? Follow me there. Oh and I have a Twitter account too! It was great finally being a part of the 'hood. Do you have a dog? If you'd like to try Purina® Pro Plan® free, find a rebate here! We've shared our latest craft now it's your turn? Do you craft with the dog in your life?

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