Girls In The Hood Part Deux


I'm so stressed out right now. Well not really. But I have a lot on my mind. The good thing is I'm done with my schoolwork until at least Monday afternoon. The bad part? I haven't done my homework for the fantasy league!


First of all, I have moved the entire league over to I'm digging what I'm seeing thus far but just getting used to a new system overall. One cool feature is that I can share the league with you all so you can stay up-to-date with the insanity that's about to go down. You're welcome!

Second: the draft is happening on Monday! And because I'm who I am and these women are who they are...we are going to do it on Google Hangout. I invite you to learn a little about football and a lot about how passionate some women are about their football (and more specifically about fantasy).

I am going to let you know in advance, I might be cursing (look for special curse words when the player I was about to pick is taken right before it's my turn).  But you know what I love about all this?

I get to share this with you guys. I love football like I love technology and like I love books. Any chance I get to share in the enthusiasm, I'm there! I hope that you will join us and partake in the insanity that will be this league. I'm sure there are other all-girl fantasy leagues but I think we have the biggest bunch of shit talkers ever.

Some of the girls are bloggers, some are not and some don't even have a Twitter account (which just means we get to talk shit about them on Twitter without the benefit of the rebuttal). The hangout will go on for one hour though it will probably take a little longer than that. Here are some tidbits about Fantasy Football that you may or may not know.

  1. Each "owner" has a team
  2. We have 10 teams
  3. Each team is comprised of a starting line and a bench. The breakdown is as follows:
  • Quarterback: 1
  • Running Back: 2
  • Wide Receiver: 2
  • Tight End: 1
  • Wide Receiver / Running Back: 1
  • Kicker: 1
  • Defensive Team: 1
  • Flex IDP: 1
  • Bench: 6

The draft will be a random "snake" draft. That just means that the computer will decide who goes first, second, etc. Once we go to number 10, the next pick will go to 10 then 9 then 8 and back to 1 before starting over again.

You can select any player from any team to fill your slots. Sometimes your favorite team might not have a strong enough player to make it to the starting line but that's okay. It's not personal.

If you've ever wanted to know about Fantasy Football, how it's done or how it works, I invite you to join us. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Here are some past posts to get you up to speed on the football:

(I stopped there because I was getting pissed that I was losing my league AND because I didn't get enough positive feedback from my readers and figured you guys didn't want to read anymore. So technically, it's your fault.)