You Can Leave Your Hat On!


I love hats, y'all. But, ask me when was the last time I wore one. I think my cruise to the Bahamas in 2008 might've been the last time I wore a couple and felt comfortable doing it. AKA_Hat

I think hats lend themselves to a certain hot-damn-ness as an accessory. Amirite? I always feel extra classy and my Mami Swagger meter goes off the chart.

So when my graduate chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha decided that we were going to hold a Kentucky Derby Soiree as a scholarship fundraiser, I was all over it. Granted, I think I shopped for hats prior to running the potential for raising funds on this one (don't judge me!). Let's just say I was excited on two fronts. First, I get to continue to help fund the awesome scholarships that we provide and second, I get to wear a big hat and hang out with my friends wearing big hats too!

Win-win, folks. Win-win. The event will be held on Saturday May 3rd at The Phillips House from 2 - 6 p.m. and I couldn't be happier with the location. A beautiful, lush atmosphere will go splendid with the soiree.

Of course as soon as I could, I created a Pinterest board for my hats. Nothing new there, right? Follow Sili - My Mamihood's board Derby Delight on Pinterest.

I also went ahead and created an eBay Collection. This is a serious matter folks. I ended up purchasing two hats from my eBay collection. I thought I should since I didn't have an outfit selected yet. And besides, perhaps having hats in the house will get me out of being shy about wearing them. I always think I'm going to draw a ton of attention to myself if I wear hats and admittedly, this is the main reason I don't wear them. Isn't that weird? Here are some of the selections from my collection.


I don't think I'm going to tell you which one I will be wearing. A girl has to leave a little mystery, right? Besides, you'll see which one I picked when you see me at the Soiree. Tickets are still available but they are selling fast. Don't forget to tell them I invited you.

Two things: 1. which hat do you think I'll wear and 2. which hat will you be getting for yourself?