No Winners


A young man is dead. No matter what you think of the Zimmerman verdict, a young man is dead. As my little black girl sleeps, I worry. In a way that only parents with little black & brown babies of their own can understand.

We think back to a time when people of color could be hunted without persecution. And you might think to yourself "we don't live in that time anymore". But you might not understand how men get followed, tags get double checked and cars slow down as we drive. You might not see what we see because you are not in our skin.

And as we raise our kids, it is scary. Because so many of us have lived in this bubble of hope thinking that things have changed. That we are safe. That if something happens to one of us, justice will be served accordingly. That our babies won't be profiled and killed.

There are no winners in this case.  Only three know what happened. One is six feet under, one is free and one has yet to pass His judgement.

I can only pray. For all of the families involved. And for the country as we dialogue about what just happened. Let us not forget that a life was taken. And let us move forward from this with a call to action to ensure that this does not happen again.

There are no winners so tonight, all I can do is pray.  Will you join me?