Happy With Hallmark Card Rewards


Disclosure: this is a sponsored post in conjunction with Latina Bloggers Connect and Hallmark. Also, my apologies if you haven't received a card from me. I assure you, they have been purchased and possibly written out. They are just having a good time and unwilling to get in the mailbox. I think you guys already know I have a card problem. I love them. I buy them in bulk and I store them in a little box that I got from Hallmark eons ago for buying 6 or more cards once.

Nothing could be better than looking through cards and picking out beautiful messages to send through the mail. I always say it's like getting a hug in an envelope.

I actually got an unexpected card in the midst of the sea of meaningless envelopes yesterday. It reminded me that 1. I have the bestest friends and 2. my card stash is getting low.

Enter Hallmark Card Rewards! Now I don't have to fret over spending my grocery money on cards! Check out the pros for the rewards program:


  1. You'll get rewarded everywhere you buy Hallmark Cards, at more than 30,000 grocery and drug stores and super centers across the U.S.
  2. You can earn 1 reward for every 5 Hallmark cards purchased. Rewards include gift cards, discounts, dollars off, and more from rewards partners that can help you enjoy more together time or even a little “me” time.
  3. Earn a reward of your choice that can help you enjoy more together time, or even a little “me” time. Hallmark Card Reward partners include Starbucks, Nike, Applebee’s, Land’s End, Omaha Steaks and many others.
  4. Download the Hallmark Card Rewards mobile app (Android and iPhone) to easily scan the barcode on the back of your purchased Hallmark cards and register your rewards for your account. - this. is. awesome!

Hallmark Card Rewards Infographic

You mean to tell me I can buy beautiful, awesome cards with heartfelt messages AND get rewards back?

Oh and here is the only con: I might not eat for a week after blowing my budget on cards. Also, the rewards program is for individual cards and not boxed greetings. But I get rewards back so that's okay, right? If you guys need me, I'll be picking out my new stash!

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post in conjunction with Latina Bloggers Connect and Hallmark. All thoughts, opinions and obsessions with receiving and sending cards are purely my own.