Quick and Easy Cheesy Chicken Fiesta {Giveaway}

[box type="shadow" ]Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Lunchbox and my hectic schedule. All opinions are purely my own.[/box] Do you know how my Monday went? No, seriously. Do you? Between getting settled into the new place (yay for 2 weeks in and still having boxes in my house), trying to shop for items needed and (lack of) menu creating, I can tell you that I'm slightly frazzled to say the least.

Though I work from home, I put in a 40-hour work week plus my blog job at night. Oh and then there's the parenting thing. Which means that I'm still left with little time in the evenings to prepare meals. Especially when I haven't planned ahead. This week, it was very "interesting" because I ended up having a 6 p.m. PTA volunteer meeting that I had completely forgotten about. Oh yes, folks. Be jealous.

That left me all of what? Forty minutes to figure out what I was going to make and make it? Enter the brown paper hyperventilation bag here.

Or not...

Thankfully, I'd stopped by Family Dollar and picked up a Knorr® Rice Sidesâ„¢ packet before my move. Ok, I didn't pick one of these up, I picked up 4. Why, you ask? They have a buy 3 Knorr® Rice Sidesâ„¢, get 1 free offer. How could I say no?


So off I went to make my family meal for about $1 per serving*. I added a few tried and true ingredients that I always keep on hand and voila! Happy faces!


[yumprint-recipe id='5']I will say it took me about 23 minutes to finish this recipe seeing as I had to break up a "that's my ladybug!" "but I wanna play with it" argument between the frog princess and her BFF. I guess I should add "breakup argument" time to all my recipes now.


Because I love you and I want you to feel the relief I felt, I’m hosting a dinner solutions giveaway thanks to Knorr and Unilever. Upload your #FDKnorrDinner solutions picture to Instagram or Twitter, and tag me using my handle (@MyMamihood) for your chance to win a Kitchen Essentials kit, featuring a $50 Family Dollar gift card and a cookware set. Be sure to leave your links below.

UNI_FD_KnorrSides-social2Don't forget to stop by your local Family Dollar to take advantage of the Buy 3 Knorr® Rice Sides™, Get One Free offer.


*Based on average retail prices in national supermarkets