What I Wore, What I Learned & A Helpful Makeup Tip


It occurs to me that I have very few pictures on my phone of what I wore at Disney while shooting some very fun videos this week. Yes, you will get to see them. Spoiler alert: they are in Spanish. And did I mention how much fun they were? What is happening here? Is this for real? Why yes, yes it was.

This week, I was reminded that sometimes I need to think and work out of the box. Take this outfit below. I would've never put it together myself before now.


It's reminding me to keep an open mind to new experiences. As a whole, this week was a lesson in just that: new experiences. Scripts and cameras and voice overs, oh my! I will say I'm proud of myself for not running away. There was a moment during each day where the evil voice in my head said "what are you doing here?! You can't do this!" and it made me want to curl up in a ball. 

I loved talking about my favorite places at Disney. And I loved working with such amazing people.

I pushed through my fears and I learned so much. One of the things I learned, was this:

It might seem minor but when you're tired and trying to get to bed and your make up won't come off, it's good to have tips like this. Have you learned anything awesome this week? Share!