This Ain't Yo Mama's Microsoft


Disclosure: I am a Microsoft Office Champion. These are my stories. I was having a convo a few weeks back and it occurred to me that I needed to do a "back to basics" post. Just because I wrote about something before doesn't mean you read it (and don't think I'm not holding you accountable for that).

I get asked about what tools I use regularly. And when I say Office, sometimes folks look at me funny. And so, I have basically taken to saying "This Ain't Yo Mama's Microsoft". I might trademark that (I probably can't but, this is how seriously I take the statement).

Y'all, there's so much that you can do with Microsoft Office! The beauty of Office 365 is that it doesn't really matter what hardware you use, you can always use 365. I'm not going to write a super long post (#iLie). I just want to give you a glimpse of why I say what I say.

What Is Office 365?

Remember when you used to have to dish out lots of moola for a copy of Office? No? Then you're probably too young to be reading this post!

Enniweighs, software was not necessarily cheap. And you also had to pay for upgrades. Now with an Office 365 subscription, you're all covered. For $99 you can get a year's subscription for the home edition. Any updates that happen to any of the programs in the Office family come to you free of charge. And you're not limited to one license. You can load that bad boy on up to 5 devices.

"Sili, I don't have a Windows machine", you say. Ain't nobody tell you you had to have a Windows machine! Y'all stay making me give you the side eye!!! 

Though I have no idea how you operate without the awesome that is the Surface Pro but, I digress.

You can install Office 365 on your PC or Mac, on tablets (including iPad and Android) and smartphones. Yasss, baybee you read that right. Every.damn.where.

What is OneDrive?

If OneDrive was a man, I'd ask it to marry me. Hell, if OneDrive was a woman, I'd ask it to marry me too (thank you Supreme Court!). OneDrive is the cloud of goodness. It is the home base of all of the documents, files, images and videos for me. That way, when I need to access a file to send from my phone, it's in there. Need to download that sweet meme I made the other day? No problem, it's in there! 


Oh and did I mention you get 1TB of STORAGE. Sit with that for a minute. Basically OneDrive is the Prego of cloud storage systems. Note: if you don't remember the "it's in there" Prego commercial, you might be too young to be reading this post.

Where was I? Oh yes, all this leads me to...

What is OneNote?

I get sooo excited when people say they don't know what this is. And they, in turn, get scared. Because my excitement is...not lacking loudness.

I keep my LAIF in OneNote! It is the holder of my secrets, my dreams, my to do lists (and there are many) and generally my plans to take over the world. You can keep notebooks and then tabs within each notebook and pages within each tab. It's fabulous, I tell you! Of course, it's also on my phone. And my new favorite discovery (I knew about it but the Mami brain concealed it for me so that I could be newly excited for it): I can make recordings and they will save to my pages. This helps when I need to start dictating books for my personal assistant to type up (sadly, an assistant does NOT come with OneNote).

I can put my shopping list in here, I can drop in PDF's and WRITE ON THEM if I want to (see previous statement regarding Surface). Oh and I can take a picture from the Office Lens app of, let's say, my receipts, have them dropped in to OneNote and it'll be searchable later when I'm going crazy calmly collecting all my tax documents for the accountant. I can share my notebooks with awesome people like Kristin and we can collaborate in a seamless space that always tells us who wrote what.

Okay, that's all I'm going to give you for now. I will have more to discuss later! I lied, one more thing: you can try the OneNote app for free. Don't say I never gave you nothin'!

Tell me, can any of these tools be useful to stepping up your awesome?

Disclosure: I am a Microsoft Office Champion. All thoughts, excitement, awesome memes and Office Swag are purely my own.




Spring Cleaning Con Microsoft Office 365


When my pals over at Microsoft Office and I started talking about the happenin's for the spring, we inevitably talked about Spring cleaning. Thanks to them and my crew at Social Influenz, I can now ensure at least one area of my life is not cluttered (does it count if the clothes strewn about in my room are clean? Is that clutter?).

So I don't know about you but, I accumulate a lot of electronic files.  Pictures are the worst. I upload to Facebook, download from my phone, have copies go right to automatic download, etc.  In an attempt to organize, I end up with folders and subfolders that would rival any Hoarders episode. This spring I'm changing that (because I totally enjoy the electronic clean up rather than the real one).

Enter Microsoft Office 365! I can now clean up and my files are nice and organized in good ol' SkyDrive. I use that for my personal files AND for my business files. This way my Office documents don't lose any of their formatting and I can give access to my clients to check out images, videos, spreadsheets or documents that we are collaborating on without having to email back and forth. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, is what I say!  You can even access these files on your Windows Phone if you have picked yourself up this little gadget.

Of course, you know I'm a fan of OneNote from my previous raves about it. If you ever wonder where I keep it all and how I keep things straight in my head, this is it.  I have a copy of the app on the mamiPad, on Sammy and of course on zenMami.  This means I can update on-the-go since OneNote is also available for all of my gadgets. How sweet is that?!

Office 365 Home Premium gives me the flexibility I need to handle the tasks on my plate. Wherever I am. I've been getting a lot of questions on 365 so I thought I'd give you Mami's FYI's.

It is subscription-based software, which means you can use one license for an entire household on up to five devices (YAY). The new offering includes the latest and most complete set of Office applications; works across up to five devices, including Windows tablets, PCs and Macs; and comes with extra SkyDrive storage andSkype calling.

What it Includes:

  • The latest and most complete set of Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access
  • One license for the entire household to use Office on up to five devices, including Windows tablets, PCs or Macs, and get Office on Demand from any Internet-connected PC
  • An additional 20 GB of SkyDrive cloud storage, nearly three times the amount available with a free SkyDrive account
  • 60 free Skype world calling minutes per month to call mobile phones, landlines or PCs around the world (because if you remember, I totally need to talk to my dad on Skype again after the last rigamarole)
  • Future upgrades, so you always use the latest time-saving technology
  • Automatic save to SkyDrive, so your documents — and even your personal settings — are always available from virtually anywhere and on your favorite devices (I like this because it always feels like whatever machine you're on is yours)

Office 365 Home Premium Pricing and Availability:

At US $99.99 for an annual subscription, Office 365 Home Premium costs the equivalent of US$8.34 per month. It can be purchased online at or in your nearest Microsoft Retail Store.

And there you have it. A surefire way to get organized this spring! I mean what more do you want from me? And before you answer that: no I will not come and do all this for you. Unless of course, you can come over to my house and put all these clothes away. In which case, what time can you be here?

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Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with Social Influenz and Microsoft for Office 365. However, all opinions expressed are my own.