How to Properly Thank Your Mami With RadioShack


So yesterday I told you about how I've started adding things to my list I never thought I'd want. Now, I forbid you from running out and getting the mami in your life a steam mop (unless I'm the Mami in your life in which case, you have my permission). I got an email from my friends at RadioShack who told me about some cool products to keep in mind for Mother's Day. I figured I'd pass the info along for those of you that are procrastinators (Who? You? YES! You!).  You can thank me later. These products are pretty much guaranteed to make your gift the favorite this year. Are you ready?


For Home or Office:

I dig my AUVIO® Expandable Bluetooth® Speaker. I use it at the office and with ease can go from having music from my phone or my laptop. And I think it's too cute, don't you?


This is also perfect for home. I like to sneak into the bathroom, run a bath, throw in some fabulosity from my Goodie Tin and then blast the music of my choosing. Ahhh, don't you just feel relaxed already?!

With me using Sammy for all business transactions, I am on the phone a lot so the AUVIO® High-Performance In-Ear Metal Earbuds have really come in handy for those conference calls. My neck totally appreciates them.


For Your Health:

Exercise is always good, as Mamis I don't think we realize how much we do as we walk, dance, chase and/or run behind our little ones. Now, you can strap on the FitBit Wireless Activity Tracker and feel a sense of accomplishment when you see how much you've done in a day. Also for me, this totally gives me justification to wear the yoga pants. Sorry Yanira!


These little trackers are rain, splash (spit, milk, vomit) and sweatproof so you can take it to any workout. It captures all activity and automatically syncs stats to your mobile device or PC.

Now I think I'm going to try the Fitbit Ultra at some point because that also measures how long and well you sleep. Totally not getting this right now because I like the sense of accomplishment I'm getting from my FitBit and know that will go down the drain if I start measuring my sleep.



For the Memories:

This digital camera bundle comes complete with a carrying case and memory card. This Nikon® COOLPIX® S5200 16.0MP Digital Camera Bundle has wi-fi built in for easy sharing of pictures. I'm digging the wi-fi because you know we need to share images 1.2 seconds after we take them. Now pics aren't stuck in the camera til your kid figures out how to use it.


For the Extra Cool Points:

Now, if you forgot the birthday/anniversary/Valentine's Day, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet might* make up for it. This tablet provides all of the entertainment options she needs with all the apps necessary to organize a busy family’s life. Or let her watch some of her favorite shows while she's hiding out in the bathroom.


*not responsible for reaction from your loved one as I'm not sure of the level of trouble you're currently in.

Have you gotten Mami a gift yet? If so, tell me! Tell me! Tell me! I want to know. If you haven't, which one of these do you think your Mami would like best?

*Disclosure: RadioShack has provided me with some of these products in order to test them out and tell you about them. All opinions are my own. Feel free to get me the rest.