Putting the Pieces Together

A few months ago I started talking about decluttering.  I'm afraid I didn't get very far. Which is just as well because I had to move (but maybe not just as well because it would've been nice to not have to carry the clutter with me).  But that blog did say I was doing it from the inside out so, I'd like to think I just hadn't gotten around to much of the outside. I began my move last week and I am afraid I am not yet done.  Tons to do at the old house.  Thankfully, my unemployment leaves me with time to take care of these things.  This morning, I found myself on a cleaning spree at the new place (mami's old house).  I realized that it would be best if I unpacked, decorated and cleaned so that when I brought the remaining of my things, I could minimize the clutter and the anxiety.

It is now almost midnight and I am tired.  Looking around, I can't really see my work. But, as with decluttering on the inside, I know it's there and that's what matters.  The biggest thing today? Moving stuff around in the Frog Princess's room and putting up decorations in my own.  I found this cool duvet cover that made me feel peace and calm.  I then decided to set the entire decor around it and I'm glad I did.

I am not done.  What you can't see (as I was explaining to my good friend Not Blessed Mama) are the piles of clothes not yet in their proper place and the stack of laundry that hasn't made it to the washing machine.  But, it's progress.  I'm still missing the cool black chaise, I have to put up the awesome girlie decal up on the corner and the side window is still "undressed".

But, with every little piece that I set in place, I feel that the pieces of my life are being put back together.  That makes me happy.  The thought of peace in my life is soothing.  The whisper of no more clutter in all aspects of my life (inside and out) is promising.  And, though things haven't exactly worked out the way I thought they would I know that they've worked out exactly as they should and there's a level of contentment in that feeling that makes everything alright.

Tomorrow is another day. More things to move, more stuff to put away (and get rid of).  But tonight? I bask in the calm of my space and thank God for the peace that surpasses all understanding.  How was your Sunday?

It's The Little Things

I am moving.  I don't think I've blogged about all the reasons but, once I'm settled, I will be sure to let you know.  Suffice it to say that this year has brought MANY changes.  This will not be the hardest to get used to. I am moving into my mother's house.  Into her and dad's old room.  He is ecstatic.  And in all honesty, so am I. I have this irrational need to care for him in a way that I never have before. The feeling is comparable to what I feel for the frog princess.

I am moving...tomorrow!  Why, you ask? Well, my dad is going to be traveling and he would like me to be settled in before he goes.  He seems to think that he is the only one capable of helping me do this.  I won't spoil it for him by telling him that I am 30+ years old and contrary to popular belief, pretty self sufficient. He doesn't understand what's been taking me so long to get myself together.  Nevermind the turmoil and upsidedownness that my life is currently experiencing.

He told me yesterday he doesn't understand what the big deal is. That he can have me packed in 8 hours. What's the problem?  I tried to explain it but, it's difficult to explain to a man (and my father) that it's all about the little things.  The random papers I've stashed in the entertainment center.  The drawers and cabinets that I don't quite need but find a way to fill nonetheless.  The stash of Lord-knows-what in the guest closet.  The cabinets in the laundry room.  I could go on and on and on.

Our lives might have big things in them (the sofa, the bed, the bookcases, the desk) but ultimately, it's the little things that make up the majority of what you "have" and what fills your world.  I think houses are a metaphor for life.  Moving. Changing.  And when we are ready to move on, we look back and realize that it's the little things that have taken up much of our time and space.  And probably that which brings us the most joy.

Now if you'll excuse me.  I think I'll stop procrastinating and start packing...something.