Beyond the Booty: My Adventures with Pampers Sensitive Wipes

[box type="shadow" ]I am on the Pampers Baby Board.I received a Spring Cleaning pack to facilitate this post.[/box] Frog Pricess and Uncle Pete

When the frog princess was potty trained, I thought that was the end of wipes at my house. Until I realized that in my house, wipes are a staple that went far beyond wiping her booty after a diaper change. I mean yes, my brother did consume half a pack of wipes ON ONE DIAPER CHANGE after being left alone with the kid. I will never forget going to change her and wondering what in the world had happened to all the wipes! 

I'll also never forget him telling me he put a shirt over his face and that she was soothing him while he changed her almost as if she knew what was going on. Ah! The memories.

These days, wipes are a fixture in the house. Just yesterday, the frog princess made a mess with some watercolors while I was resting. She didn't come to get me or alert anyone about the mishap. She told me she used her "towels" to clean up. I loved it!

I use Pampers Sensitive Wipes to take my make up off. And to wipe her hands from the stickiness of fresh oranges or mangoes while we sit outside looking for lizards. And yes, we use the wipes should we get lucky and touch a lizard. 

Pampers Sensitive Wipes are 20% thicker than regular Pampers wipes and have the unique Softgrip Texture, which means less wiping for more gentle cleaning. Everywhere. And it seems that somehow, I need them more now than when she was in diapers.

This spring, I used my wipes to clean up toys as I sorted them for donation. I also packed up a big box and a bag full of gently used girl clothes. Normally, I deliver them to friends but this time around, I decided to take my donations to Harbor House, a shelter for women and children in Central Florida. 

One of the awesome things I love about working with brands like Pampers is that they are invested in the things I am passionate about. Not only did I get a cool little spring cleaning pack, full of goodies to help me get my life in order (Swiffer Wet Jet, I love you!), but they also sent Harbor House 25 packs of wipes and 25 packs of diapers in assorted sizes! I'm forever grateful!

Though my spring cleaning took place in May, I feel like a summer cleaning is in order as well. Do you? If so, you can enter to win a Cleaning Pack from my Pampers family! It will include some goodies to help you get your life in order AND some wipes so that you can feel the love I feel on a daily basis for these. And just because I pink puffy heart you, we'll throw in a $50 gift card that you can use to reward yourself once all of that cleaning is done. What do you say? Beyond_Booty_Wipes