Tech Mami: The Samsung Galaxy S3

Many of you know I am the proud owner of Sammy, my S3. I got him at RadioShack last November and haven't looked back to Evangeline (the EVO). Sure, I miss her but I'm very happy with the performance and the look of the Samsung. This time last year as I was heading to Hispanicize and telling you about my conference picks. Well this year Sammy is definitely on board. Why you ask?

The first thing I noticed when I got the phone was the clarity of the pictures.

Above, you'll see one of the first pictures I took. Of course, it's the frog princess (check out the cool pilgrim hat. It was her Thanksgiving celebration at school). This was taken as she was swinging. To be honest, if I'd been taking this with Evangeline, I would've been a big blur.

So the camera was first. With options like burst shots and panoramic, you really can use this camera for all of your picture-taking and recording needs.

The screen itself is also great. Why? Because it's a 4.8" HD Super AMOLED Display screen, that's why!

Let's pause for a geek moment: if you're wondering what AMOLED stands for, here it is: active-matrix organic light-emitting diode. Use that in a Jeopardy tournament and blow someone's socks off!

Okay so for the non-geeks in the crowd, this is what you need to know: the image is superior than the one experienced on devices using different screen technology, and it can offer a better performance in direct sunlight.

Something else worth mentioning is that AMOLED display offer faster response time, higher refresh rates, are more and more power-efficient.  I don't know about you but this is important when I'm using my mobile. Less power consumption means that Sammy can offer a better image without affecting battery life. This will be extra important as we head to 4G LTE technology because that's a power suck if there ever was one.

One last thing about the screen: it's curved. Which minimizes scratches even if, let's say, your kid sets it on the ground face down.

For the extra techies in the group, The Galaxy S3 runs on Google's Operating System (OS) Ice Cream Sandwich. Even if you didn't like the phone, who can resist Ice Cream Sandwich, I ask you!

You can get cool apps from the Google Play Store, use some Google+ video chats as needed (not while driving) and have yourself a generally sexy time with this phone. Because above all else, I do find the phone sexy.

But in case you need it to be any sexier, then I am going to highly recommend you pay Sarah Masci's Etsy Store a visit. She creates custom cases for both Samsung & iPhones. This is one of my favorite things!

Are you ready to get your very own Samsung Galaxy SIII? Because I have 3 pieces of good news:

First, if you head on over to RadioShack you save $150 on a new 2-year activation on Sprint's Samsung Galaxy SIII (oh and if you're an iPhone lover, you can save $50 on both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S on Sprint).

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Last and certainly not least, let's say you don't want to purchase a new phone right at this moment to go with that lovely cover you have your eye on. Then, go ahead and enter the giveaway below and let's see if you can win your very own Samsung SIII courtesy of RadioShack and Sprint!

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Disclosure: RadioShack is rocking my socks by giving me a phone to give away to you guys. All opinions are my own. While no payment was given to me, I'm secretly hoping that when the S4 comes out, they will love me enough to want me to review it for them. Also, I paid for my own discounted cover but think that Sarah is fantastic and as a fellow mamipreneur, I think it's my duty to tell you guys all about her!