Wrap It Up With Reynolds

Disclosure: I received some wrappage for this post I don't know about you but in my house, papel the lonche (aluminum foil) is always on hand. I remember as a kid when I had field trips in NYC, mami would make my sandwiches and use, not a sandwich bag but, Reynolds Wrap. Have an issue with the drinks staying cold? No worries! Mami used to put them in the freezer and then wrapped it went into my lunch bag.

Needless to say, I've always had a soft spot for aluminum foil (crazy, eh?). It remind me of spring field trips to Central Park, the museums, a play.

Now that I am not-so-young, I get to be the keeper of the aluminum foil! Since I'm in Florida, my grilling and barbecuing goes year round so, if you're like me, you'll need some of these tips to keep things clean, clear, organized and under control.

Here are some tips for those die-hard fall grillers out there. It is tailgate season, afterall.

Tip #1: Before you get your grill on, make sure you line your charcoal grill with Reynolds Wrap® Aluminum Foil to prevent your food from sticking and for easier cleanup. Now, if you or your guests have a taste for corn on the cob on the grill and want to avoid having black particles on your teeth from burnt corn, then include Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil in the preparation process. Wrap your corn on the cob with the foil, place it on the grill and enjoy the rich flavor without the burnt taste.

Reynolds Wrap_75SQFT

Tip #2: After you wrap up your grilling, make sure you send off your guests with some tasty leftovers they can enjoy for lunch the next day. To help avoid never seeing your favorite dish or plate, package their food in Reynolds Wrap®Heavy Duty Foil. This is IMPORTANT! I cannot tell you how much of my plastic container collection now reside in other homes. This is easy peasy and guess what? Your guests won't need to wash and return. Oh and this is not just for guests. I wrap up my own food in wrap to cut down on the clean up later.


Tip #3: Finally, utilize all of the Reynolds Wrap® Aluminum Foil you used for your prepping to clean your grill. By crumpling the used foil you can avoid using brushes and scouring pads. I didn't realize this but it works so good. Which is a good thing. We have this old school grill. It's made out of stone and could very easily be from the Inca civilization. I need to make sure it stays clean without me needing to spend an afternoon scrubbing.


Non-Grilling Tip #4: this household has gnomes. Small gnomes who invade the kitchen at night and take one thing and one thing only: plastic tops! So...in my house, the Reynolds Wrap® doubles as tops whenever needed (which is often these days).

So there you have it, people. Now the only question is: who's tailgating this weekend?

Disclosure: I received Reynolds Wrap for some yumminess. All thoughts, memories and tailgating ideas are purely my own.