If You Love Scandal, You'll Love These Books!


Okay so, this should probably be called I love Scandal and I love these books. With the end of Scandal I know people are starting to have some sort of preemptive conniption at the thought of the show's finale this week. Personally, this was me after that last scene:


I wanted to give you guys a suggestion: how about you read for that one hour every week? Perhaps we can do a post-scandal book club?

Post Scandal

I'm giving you a not-so-short list of books. Hopefully it will hit all of your literary tastebuds. And if it doesn't, listen: I have a gazillion books in my house, I couldn't possibly list them all here! Let me know if you need more suggestions.

Legal Thrillers


Awesome Fiction




I love Sedaris and I especially love him on audio. Get it!

Stephanie Plum Numbers Series - this is a great audiobook series. I call it mental popcorn. Totally worth it.

Deep Non-Fiction


Great Young Adult Books


And yes, I could go on and on and on and on (you get the drift). Feel free to come back for more suggestions or check out my bookstore (I'll admit I haven't updated it in like 6 months so anything new and groovy may not be on here).

This is not a comprehensive list. It's a "3 days ago I came up with this genius idea of book recommendations and oh my! How is it Thursday already QUICK pull favorite books out of your..." list.

I will be in this Google Hangout next week at 10 p.m. to see if we can start the road to this long summer without Scandal. So we can meet every week and talk about the book. Or about how much we're missing Scandal. I think that first meeting will be all about "ohmigaah! Can you believe what just happened?" and that's okay too.

Let me see if I can get me some panelists. Who's game? What books do you think must be on the list?

PS: these are affiliate links but, y'all know better than to think I make any real money off of those. Click if you'd like, buy if you must but know I'm totally getting like a half a penny out of this deal!