Reflections Of Sesame Street


Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with HBO and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own. There was a time when English was a foreign language to me. Some days I forget that because my life is set to the tones of the English tongue in such a way that I cannot imagine life without it. I can't remember a life without it.


What I do remember is the novelty of people speaking on television without me having a clue as to what they said.


Sili and Papi

I moved to this country a little over a month before my 5th birthday. And while I had already put in some time in school in the Dominican Republic, I had to wait to enter Kindergarten in the states.

And this is the reason why Sesame Street became my first English teacher. The first intonations that my tongue experimented with were repeats of the Count or sounds of the letters which didn't match the sounds I'd already learned.

So when my child was born, Elmo became the cool dude to hang with and Abby was a visitor at her first birthday.



This Saturday, the Frog Princess and I will be checking out season 46 (can you believe it!) of Sesame Street on HBO. Check out the trailer:

Can you believe it's been 46 years? Sheesh! Two new episodes will premiere on HBO on Saturday at 9 a.m. (yes, it will be Sesame Street and PJ day at the house). And the cool part? Two new episodes will debut simultaneously on HBO Latino dubbed in Spanish! As a Mami who has a primary English speaker, I love that I can use Sesame Street in a similar way as my Mami did but for Spanish. How cool is that?!

For those of you that need to catch up, it'll be easy using HBO GO and HBO On Demand.

I don't know about you but, tying my past with my future is so important. Coming here as a child, some days I feel like so much of my past was left behind. I love having these nuggets, these memories and being able to tie it to the memories of my child. Call me a sap but, I love making the connection.

Did you grow up on Sesame Street? What memories bubble up when you think of this iconic place?