Sewing with Suzy

This post is sponsored by awesome friendships. Can I introduce you to my girl Suzy?

I've been stalking her site for while and I can't tell you how proud I am to know her. Suzy is my friend and homegirl. I love her to pieces. 

I actually knew her husband, Andree, first (awesome photographer, btw). I met Suzy and we have gotten along from day one. When I heard that they were combining their DNA to add on to their family, I may have jumped up for joy.

Since having her newest bundle of joy, Suzy has decided to stay home. But, she is not content with sitting around and eating bonbons all day (because, that's what we do y'all!). No way. She has decided to take the leap into her heart's content. And you know I'm a fan of following dreams.

She created Suzy Sew Crafty.

Suzy is a sewist, embroiderer, crafter, blogger, wife and mom of three, (12, 10 and 1). What I didn't know was that she always loved sewing and crafts. Though I kinda suspected the craft thing as she showed up at my house when I was on bed rest with all kinds of goodies for a vision board. I will be forever grateful for that day. I think she was one of two visitors that came to see me during that time.

We vision boarded and stuffed our faces with yummy Publix subs (I might not remember what I did 2 hours ago but I surely do remember that I ate a chicken tenders sub about this same time 5 years ago).

Anywho, my girl has been able to turn her passion into a business and offers custom creations for clothing and apparel.  Suzy works with each customer to create the perfect personalized order.  She dedicates her time to finding the perfect designs, finding quality apparel, creating high-quality items and providing a great customer experience.  Here's a list of some of the things she can whip up:

  • Custom embroidery/appliqué clothes (including onesies, shirts, dresses, aprons etc.)
  • Custom embroidered home decor (including towels, robes, pillows, shams, Christmas stockings, etc.)
  • Monograms (including men’s ties, golf towels, polo shirts, wedding favors, etc.)
  • Nautical accessories (including flags, personalized fishing shirts, caps, towels)
  • Logos (embroidering logos on any apparel or clothing)

As an aside, Suzy is also the person responsible for me getting a blog up in the first place. She introduced me to WordPress and sat up late looking at templates for me before I knew what the hell I was doing.

I am super excited that I get to bring some of her pieces into my home. And  I'm giving her all kinds of ideas. But the ideas are all for me so don't ask her what ideas I had. Come up with your own! Or check out her gallery. It's outstanding. Here are some things that caught my eye.

I'm digging the idea of awesomeness for the holidays. And...I'm thinking of the great gifts I she can create. I might pass them off as my own, I haven't decided how to work all that out yet. In the meantime though, you should totally check out her site and her work. 

If you want to be friends with her, you can't be find her on FacebookPinterestTwitter and Instagram. Stop by her site and see if anything tickles your fancy. Then buy it for me. Thanks!