#TeachHerTuesday: Kindergarten Sight Words

One of the coolest (and scariest) things about parenting is that we are our children's first teacher. I've learned a lot about what I like to do, what I said I wouldn't do (but did) and what I will say I'm doing in the future. If that didn't make sense, then we are on the same page. Teach_Her_Tuesday_K_Sight_Words

I always get asked what I'm using with the frog princess. So I decided to start Teach Her Tuesday as I way to share how I'm guiding her. The Frog Princess does a lot of learning. I would love to take credit for it but I think of myself more as a guide than a teacher. I respond to her cues and try to feed her what I think she needs. And I am in constant contact with her teachers. I ask questions and I always gain wisdom on what to do to help my girl along.

It didn't come overnight. For example, when I started showing her site words, I quickly learned that in order for her to grasp the words, she had to relate it to something. So inevitably, it wasn't so much as sight words as it was sight stories. An example: we were reviewing words one day and the word was "the". She looked, repeated it and with hand gestures and facial expression said: like "Uncle Pete was on THE stage!". My favorite moments guiding her are those moments when she is connecting a new concept and understanding it.

Enniweighs, I'm tired of making sight words for friends (this is the true reason why I'm posting this. Cuz I'm lazy!). So instead, I'm making y'all do the work!

Here's a download of Kindergarten sight words. I print them in card stock and then laminate them (yeah, I have my own laminator because...geek!). You can take the pages to Kinko's or Staples and they'll do it for you there as well.

Don't start with all 120 of them. Do 5 at a time. As your child starts to grasp a group, introduce some others. I started these with her last May but truth be told, I don't drill her on these. I take a more laid back approach (though it sometimes kills me). I let her guide the learning.

For example, I realized that when we first started, I was getting so frustrated because she wasn't "getting it". Until I realized that doing sight words before bed was bad news. She was tired. I've learned to read her queues better though I still get it wrong sometimes.

Each kid is different though. This is what I do with her but it doesn't necessarily mean you should do it this way too. The fun part is trying to figure out how they learn! Don't get frustrated! It's a great time to humble yourself to this thing called parenting. They're still young and have loads to learn and loads of time to do so.

What information/tools/resources do you use for your child? What are you searching for? Let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to find it for you! And if you want to share with me, use the hashtag #TeachHerTuesday so I can see what goodies you guys use!