Eat My Dust!

A long time ago I told you guys that I was allergic to humans. You know what I meant, right? I'm severely allergic to dust mites. Which is cool if you ever want to get out of doing any cleaning but not cool when it's just you to do all the cleaning. I received a free Swiffer duster while at Hispanicize and fell in love. It's always an internal battle for me when I go to clean. Is this a good day for me to get rashy? With the duster, I can safely say I haven't had any issues of the dust coming up into my space and claiming my skin. Oh and I find that they are perfect for dusting my bookcases and books (yes, you should totally dust those. If you don't believe me go check them out and see how much dust those books can accumulate).

Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit

When the time came for me to do some organizing and cleaning though, I wondered if the Swiffer sweeper would work as well. You see, I have tile. And if you've never seen dust bunnies it's because they were all living under my bed behind the boxes I keep under there for storage. Where do they all come from? UGH! But, I digress.

I will admit to you that I used TWO of those bad boys since I also went into my closet to capture the bunnies. I was amazed at how everything stuck to the cloth. Is it sad that I'm super excited about this? I dislike dust. To the extreme. So having something that can trap the evil dust and dirt so that I don't have to suffer the consequences is great.

I didn't even realize how much I needed these products until I had them. Oh and the Wet Cloth is a great follow up. I also use it for when a certain old dog decides he's mad because I gave him a bath and will pee in the house. The ease of throwing a Wet Cloth on, cleaning up the mess and then throwing it out? Priceless.

Like I said, I shouldn't be this excited about cleaning products but, what can I say? I am secretly salivating over the Swiffer Bissell Steamboost now. You know, in case you want to get me a gift or something.

Have you tried these? What do you use to make cleaning easier?

Disclosure: I was provided samples in order to clean my house review this product. All opinions and allergic reactions are purely my own.