If These Walls Could Talk


Disclosure: I was provided this product in order to review it Decals to me, are the best way to spruce up a room without the hassle of painting or as is the case for me, deciding on artwork. And if I don't like it? I peel it off and keep it moving. As I finished the girl's room I realized something was missing so of course, vinyl decals were the obvious choice for me.

Off I went to research what exactly would go on the wall above her bed.  I recalled that the initial sketches of her room included the words "Frog Princess" on a decal. But then, Urban Walls reached out to me and 1. I totally found the perfect thing for her room and 2. I totally found about 25 things for the rest of my house.

What did I get for the frog princess? A crown. A big. Pink. Crown.


Shipped to me in a tube and ready to go on the wall. I adore the crown as does she. Can you tell?


Moreover, I adore the fact that I found all kinds of other fabu items to use for the home. Like what? Well, I found one of my favorite bible verses and now look to figure out where I can display the Love Is decal. I am deeply digging this chalkboard decal for the home office because let's face it, don't we all love writing in chalk now that we're not in school? And my favoritest find on Urban Walls? No it's not the mustache that you could totally rock over a crib. It's not even this cool "oh-em-gee I have a big A wall that could totally use this. and I can't believe it's a decal!" of framed plants.

It is the house rules. En español! 

Needless to say that I am now budgeting for at least 4 decal purchases before the end of the year.

The decal was big and I got help putting it up which wasn't a big deal. I have had it up for about 5 days and have noticed no lifting or curling (yay!). Patience paid off as did the great quality of the decal.

Lastly, I adore the fact that I got to connect with Danielle, Chief Executive Decal-tress over at Urban Walls (yes, I just made that title up). Though we haven't gotten a chance to do some deep-down bonding due to my insane schedule, I already love her. What's not to love?

Mami. Wife. Creative genius. Seeker of all things awesome (she found me on the interwebs). Small business owner. Cool down to earth chick.

If you want to get to know her, check out the Urban Walls Blog and meet this beautiful Mami living out her passion (sound familiar?).

Better yet, go check out Urban Walls and come back and tell me what you bought! And then tag us on Instagram & Twitter. I'm sure Danielle would love to see it as well.

If these walls could talk: they'd tell you how happy they are to have been looking over my shoulder at some of the selections that will soon be showcased on them.

Disclosure: Danielle provided me with a decal in order to do this review. All opinions and Mami crushing are purely my own.