Teach Her Tuesday: Malala


Some days I would see Malala in the news and wonder if she was for real. Wondered how a child could've endured so much and stood up for so many. She's incredible, isn't she? I always think of her as being beyond her years. Except that recently, I got a chance to be on a conference call with her and I got to hear her giggle. That giggle that we can only produce during our teen years. The one that holds hope and wonder and excitement. And I was humbled to have wondered about her and feeling a great amount of gratitude that I had a chance to be in a space where I could hear the beauty of her voice and feel the energy of purpose.

A group of bloggers were on the conference call to talk about the new documentary He Named Me Malala. It was beyond inspiring. One of those things you write down so you can later tell your child. The Frog Princess wanted to know when we were going to meet her and told me that she wanted to give Malala one of her toys. I may or may not have had sweaty eyeballs.

This past weekend found me at Type A Conference so I was unable to head to the movie theater to support the movie. Rest assured, that will be remedied expeditiously. Haven't heard of it? That's okay. Here's the trailer (note: I have yet to watch this trailer without tearing up):

I've spoken to a few folks who asked about taking their kids and I'm happy to report that you can check out the parent discussion guide for the movie.

I talked to the Frog Princess about Malala and she was rightfully impressed. She was incredulous when I told her that not all girls can go to school. And she wanted to hear more when I told her that Malala is changing that and that we can help.

Teaching her to be a responsible world citizen is one of the biggest tasks on my list. I'm glad I have someone like Malala as an example.

Cull through the guide and figure out if you can take your kids to see this. I think it will be fabulous for both girls and boys.

Be sure to check out The Malala Fund on Facebook and when you go to watch the movie, let everyone know that you #StandWithMalala on social media. You can also use #HeNamedMeMalala to let us know you're joining in as witness.

Have you seen the movie yet? Will you be going soon? Sound off, good people!

Disclosure: I am a goodwill ambassador for this movie. All thoughts and opinions are purely my own.