Teach Her Tuesday: The Tooth Fairy

Y'ALL! My baby lost her first tooth. And it's the first tooth she ever got. Like in the history of Frog Princess teeth! I don't even know what to say. I'm excited, nostalgic, happy, sad, nervous. All of these feels!

I noticed how loose the tooth was on Halloween night. So much so that I called her dad back after trick or treating so he could do the honors. Alas, the tooth was not yet ready but I was glad I did. The thing that I find the most tender about co-parenting are those moments that only the two of you can love and appreciate. This was one of them.

This morning, Uncle Pete did the honors and I will say he did a superb job. So much so that he was named tooth puller expert by his niece! That tooth was so loose that there was no ache, no pain, no blood. It was just leaning to the side like it didn't have a care in the world.

Frog Princess missing tooth

I have felt very unprepared for life lately. Lots of moving pieces and parts these days but I can say that I felt like my old project management self because, hello?! About 9 months ago I got this awesome little box on Sassy Steals. I got three because aren't they just perfect gifts?

Tooth Fairy Box

Even back then, I consulted with the tooth fairy on appropriate letter templates. She is a smart one and so she uses Microsoft Publisher to print her letters and envelopes. I think it's a fabulous idea, don't you?

Tooth fairy letter

Not to be outdone, the Frog Princess wrote a letter of her own to the tooth fairy.

Letter for tooth fairy

Translation: Make sure that you don't forget to bring me money. Replace my tooth tooth fairy. (that's a drawing of a tooth fairy along with a drawing of the tooth in question and a coin which she hopes to receive).

Today was one of those cool parenting days, folks. I am going to bask in it even if it is almost midnight and I'm sitting here typing and attempting to not shed a tear about the thought that my itty bitty Frog Princess is growing up.

Today, I'm teaching her about magic. It might not seem like much. It might seem odd but seeing her imagination sparkle is one of the simple pleasures of parenting.

What was your tooth fairy experience like?