Tech Mami: Watch Out, I'm Confiscating Your Gadgets!

I can't take it anymore and I'm sorry but it has to be said. If you do not know how to use all this cute and sexy technology that we have been blessed with in the 21st century, it's OKAY! But don't try to be "cool" and go out and buy yourself something simply because you can afford it without having a clue as to how it should and could be used. Here's the thing, at some point in time, you mess around and look not-so-smart by letting others know you have no idea how to use that sexy gadget that you think everyone's liking you for. Educate yourself. And by educate I don't mean call me at midnight with your questions, coño (yes, this has happened and yes, I'm still salty about it).

I'm always getting questions about how to use smartphones, tablets, Macs, laptops, you name it. And, I'm no longer doing it. I'm fighting back and if you get these questions, you should too.

How, you ask? Well, here's a guideline to help you along but remember, you may have a list of your very own and that's okay too.

Signs Yo S**t Might Need to Be Confiscated

  1. If you ask whether or not you can use the iPad like an iPhone...yo s**t might need to be confiscated
  2. If you've had your smartphone for longer than a month and can only use it to make calls and possibly send a text...yo s**t might need to be confiscated
  3. If you still don't know which router is yours...yo s**t might need to be confiscated
  4. If you know which router is yours but have no clue what I'm asking about when I ask you for your password...yo s**t might need to be confiscated
  5. If you still don't know what that thing is that you put in the little hole on the side of your computer so that you can save files...yo s**t might need to be confiscated
  6. If you don't know the difference between Windows and Office...yo s**t might need to be confiscated
  7. If I ask you if you have a Kindle and you appear to be confused by the question...yo s**t might need to be confiscated
  8. If your toddler can operate your gadgets better than you...yo s**t might need to be confiscated (probably by your toddler. No sense in them having to pay for your mistakes. Rock on, kid!

I'm going to cut you some slack though because I do like helping people (though this blog might not give you that warm and fuzzy feeling). You can email me your questions and I will address them in this series.  You can ask me about Mac or PC, Apple or Android.

So, hit me with it. What question do you have that might get yo s**t confiscated?

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