Triple Threat: Meet Trio


I still keep in touch with some of my girls from high school (thank you Facebook!). Though I will say that one chick in particular is not on Facebook and therefore, I had lost connection with her for a minute. Chandra is funny, ultra sweet and just the nicest person you could meet. I can't even remember how we reconnected. I think she found my blog somehow. Anywho, long story short, she has been amazeballs! Not only is she one of the 5 people that read my blog (yeah, I'm still bitter that you haven't signed up to get posts via email), but she provides me constant encouragement through random texts and emails.

I just love her!

So when an email came through about something called Trio I was like: let me go check this out! Well, Chandra and some friends done gone and got them a business! I'm ridiculously happy for them. It always does my heart good to see women hustling.

Not only does Trio Fashions has some fabulosity that needs to be in my closet like YESTERDAY, but they have a great story as well. I had questions for Chandra, especially since she didn't even hint at this before the launch (shame on you!).  Here is my interview with this fantastic friend, firm supporter and fashionista!

Trio_FoundersWhy did you start Trio?

Trio came about because we were all ready for new challenges in our lives. I had just had a baby a year earlier and was ready to get back to doing things that made her happy and not be in mommy mode 24/7. Tracye had a teenage son who was getting more and independent every day. And Lisa had just sent her last of three children off to college and grieving the death of her beloved mother. We were all in different stages of our lives and we needed to focus on ourselves and what really made us happy!

How has it been owning your own business?

It's busy but extremely rewarding. There are three of us to share the responsibilty of running a fast growing business.  We all give 110% of everything we do concerning our families and Trio is no different. We play up our strengths. Tracye brings business savvy, as she owns several businesses. Lisa is a strict managerial type that keeps us on budget and I am the trend spotter.

What's the thing that you love the most about the work that you do?

We love when a customer comes back to tell us she loves the merchandise she purchased at Trio. Or she shares her vacation pics on Facebook or Instagram and mentioned that it was Trio that made her feel beautiful!!! Helping women feel beautiful, no matter their age or size, never gets old.

What do you love the least?

Paying taxes. Who likes to pay taxes!!!

What inspires you three?

We are inspired by each other. We have a deep respect for each other and what we each bring to the table. We are also inspired by the women who buy our clothes. These are hard working, honest, real women that deserve to look stylish and on trend without having to break the bank. We bring comfortable beautiful clothing to real women. We work very hard to make that happen! Real women inspire us.

What's your favorite piece of clothing?

That's a fun question! We all look, dress and are shaped completely different. Three beautifully different body types. And we each have our own favorite styles. Lisa loves a bodycon! Tracye loves anything that will accentuate "her girls" and I love anything that will accentuate her legs.

Be sure to follow Trio Fashions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! And don't forget to give them a try. Let's support this Trio!