Wax On, Wax Off

I just got off the phone with a supermom (I'm waiting for her to come into town so I can beat her appropriately, as I mention in "Searching for Supermom").  We were about to rush off the phone, making an appointment for us to talk later on after her Sunshine is in bed when I tell her I'll be up writing this blog.  "Oh! That's right! You texted me something on Sunday. What was that?" she asks.  "Um, I got waxed, that's what!", I retort! She then asks what I got done and I tell her that, as a blogger, I felt obligated to get a Brazilian in order to give my readers the scoop (all 14 of you that follow me on Networked Blogs ;-)). She goes into all kinds of "ooohhhh's and ahhhhh's". Then she says this: that's the reason why you are feeling great! Really? Waxing can do that?! Because if that's the case, I'm about to make some psychologists really mad! This is my birthday month. I usually have an entire month of celebrations (at least talking about it and pumping it up).  With mom passing away last month, that hasn't happened.  The grieving process is such that, for me, it comes in tiny waves fitting neatly around my meeting schedules and mami times (except when they don't and then I work from home so I can cry freely and often as I create budgetaries, answer emails and communicate with my awesome team!).  One of the things on my to do this month (at my mom's request): take better care of yourself.  So, I decided that I was going to have a spa day (though I haven't exactly done it, dammit! I decided!). I looked up everything I wanted and was going to take a day to do all this. Until I realized that, hello?! When the hell am I going to take a full day to get this done? Not on the weekends? The Man has been working weekends and who am I going to leave the frog princess with? Besides, that's our time together and I am very cautious of that quality time of ours. Not a weekday? I am still acclimating myself to my new job and feel horribly guilty taking a day off after having taken some time on mom's last day and a few days after.

I decided to split the services I wanted to get. First up: waxing. I allowed my legs to get appropriately hairy (I kept getting looks from The Man though, to his credit, he never said anything). After that, I searched for a place to get waxed at. Now, as I was doing this I thought: maybe I should just get a Brazilian. My cousin recently got one and said it wasn't painful and she loved it. That incentive along with feeling like Barbara Walters doing an investigative report for the American public, led me to Tara. I didn't want to go to the lady that does my toes and has occasionally waxed my legs for this, you know? Hairiness: check. Aesthetician: check.

The day of the appointment, I arrive to a very warm and inviting private studio in Thorton Park. I've done my research, I'm feeling good. Moreover, what I love about Tarapy 4 Skin is the fact that it is mami friendly. By this I mean that, because it's her own private studio, she can work with your schedule. We talk for a minute. I tell her I want my legs, my underarm and oh yeah, throw in a Brazilian will you? She asks if I've gotten one done before and I say no. Then, smart woman that she is, she informs me that all bikini area waxes begin the same so, if I need her to stop at some point, it'll be cool. I think: really? Tara! I am committed to this! My readers must know! I also think: I was in labor for 40 hours, 37 of which were medication-free so, is this going to really be that bad? Hmmm...this gives me pause. When I was pregnant, at some point in time (the 7th month maybe) I realized: I'm going to have to push this kid out! Now, you may think this is common knowledge for pregnant women but it's not. Women's brains are predisposed to delusions when they are pregnant until, one day: it hits them. At that time I thought: I look great pregnant! Maybe if I stay like this no one will notice, eh? I had a similar thought in the studio. Am I really going to go through this?

Thankfully, I had a very understanding professional who educated me in all matters of wax while throwing in a good dose of small talk. I found out that Tara moved to Florida from California and she hates the humidity (welcome to the club!). I found out all sorts of wonderful details about this woman but, I won't divulge, you can find out when you make your appointment with her! Tara gives me a cute little wrap which I put on and then I lie on the table. She will start with the back of my legs. After the first 3 strips I think: Barbara Walters be damned! How many people are REALLY going to read this blog?!? But I remember that for some reason, the back of the legs are extra sensitive. It's not that it hurts as much as it's annoying (like mosquito bites or something). I turn around and she does the front of my legs.

We've discussed the different types of wax. She uses a cream wax for my legs but tells me she will use hard wax for my bikini area. "Cool!", I think. What the hell do I know? And so we begin. Tara is very professional. Explaining to me how the hard wax doesn't rip the skin and wraps itself around the hairs like saran wrap (see, Tara! I was listening!). She takes the first strip. Um...ok. Stings a little. Not too bad. She continues around the bikini area like this.Tells me that the key with the pain has to do with pulling the skin taut before ripping the wax off. With the hard wax, she pulls a lip of it up and then, with her hands, rips the wax right off your skin. The cool thing about it is that she can go over it again, should she need to. I pray she doesn't "need" to.

We get to a safe stopping point. Tara looks at me and says "so, what do you think? You want to keep going?". I think of Barbara Walters. How she would totally get a Brazilian if the story called for one. I say, what the hell! Take it all off! I am feeling proud. But I also wonder what it was that I just agreed to. As if I just decided to buy a round of drinks for everyone at the bar but suddenly wonder if I have enough money in the bank to cover the expense.

I won't bore you with the details. Here are the important things you need to know: 1. I did not cry, 2. it really wasn't that bad (except that the last strip for some reason hurt like hell when she pulled but the pain was gone almost immediately) and 3. how did I ever go around without one of these before? I think perhaps the Sex and the City episode where this was discussed had given me a subconscious pause. I don't know.  But I am here to tell you that it was a great experience. I think it helped that I had an awesome aesthetician. At the end, Tara gets up and says, I will go in the back while you get dressed. Really, Tara! You've seen parts of me that only my midwife and The Man have been privy to and you're going to go in the back so that I can put my clothes back on?! Professional, I tell ya!

And just like that, I realized a few things: I need to take care of myself (I hear those words in my mami's voice in my ear). When I am hairy, I am not happy. I couldn't wear cute skirts, I couldn't go to the pool. This was part of my quest to get my mami swagger back and feel as if I was incorporating myself back into civilization after feeling outed due to mom's illness and subsequent death. I am hoping to schedule a facial with her next. I've never gotten one of those either (can you believe it?). Stay tuned.

Though my upward swing in mood began after a much needed date night on Friday (and a ton of prayer), I feel that taking the time to do something for me, has really helped my mood. I must take care of me first if I am to take care of everyone else. And just like that, with a little wax on/wax off I am feeling a million times better. So, if winter has you in a rut or things haven't been going great for you lately, go get pampered and then tell me how you feel (and be sure to tell your therapist that you feel better because of what I said. I know he/she will greatly appreciate it).

Now, readers! Go forth and wax!

I wanted to say that, Tara did not pay me to write this blog. When I find someone that offers great service I make it my mission to let as many people know! When it's a woman with her own small business, I feel it's my obligation. I'd decided to write about my experience before I met her and while I did tell her I was going to write about it, neither of us knew what the outcome would be (well, I didn't). Tara has offered the following for those of you who are interested in visiting her: "Signature Customized Facial" ($60 value) and/or 20% off any waxing service as a welcome to her private studio if you tell her when you make your appointment that you read this blog (there will be a quiz people!).