What Mami Needs

I spent this past weekend doing...nothing. Well, it felt like nothing. Yes, I redesigned the blog (have you looked at it? Go now!). But outside of that, a lot of what I did was on the inside. Lots to think about and lots to decipher.

This year is well on its way to being epic. As I look toward the remainder of the year, a lot of things are coming into focus. Things like time for me. Things like prioritizing (and re-prioritizing).

Some days I feel like I can't catch a break. I go from working to mami'ing to blogging, to counseling to coaching. It doesn't stop. This weekend what I needed was life go slow down so I could think. 

And think I did. The Frog Princess was away the entire weekend and it allowed me time to slow things down a bit.

What Mami Needs...

I got a chance to take a look at my soul, a chance to be hella vulnerable (and I'm still not sure how I feel about that). I took a chance, I broke my own rules (and think I'll be doing it again). I made some tough decisions and I came up with a bunch of new questions.

I'm glad for it. I needed this. All of it. I took a moment to look back to my posts leading up to my birthday. It's good to look back sometimes.

I also looked back to my What I Know For Sure post on love. Because life and love go hand in hand, right? I've learned to stand my ground, love my way out of a broken heart, to risk the heart, to take the hint.

So here I am. After a few days of introspection and good sleep. Understanding that in order to get what I need, I have to continue to do me.