Where Does She Get This?

The frog princess is feeling better after her febrile seizures last week. I am still struggling to get her back on a normal sleep schedule since she slept in my bed for a week (no, I don't need you to remind me about how I said that I was the only parent who wanted the kid to sleep with her and she didn't). She is eating everything in sight and waking up dry (yes, we are spending quite a bit of time on the potty, more of that later). Now, if I could only get her to stop being sneaky!

It started a few days ago, I guess. I can't really remember. Γ‚ What I do know is that I have been fooled! Taken advantage of my goodwill and compassion. And my innocent frog princess did it! How you ask? Very simply: We spend some time in my bed before she goes in her crib. Last week, because she was sick, she wasn't going in her crib. At some point she started pulling up her shirt and scratching her belly. Initially I thought it was the jammies because they have a print on the front. So, I scratch her beautiful little belly and she seems to be okay. Now in the past, she has scratched her neck and I thought it was the tag but a lot of her clothes are tagless. Regardless, I would scratch my baby's neck and back. It actually reminded me of mami who would always ask us kids to scratch her back if she was itchy. Next, though, it was her arm. I no longer thought it was the pj's because they are short sleeves. But I scratched and scratched and scratched.

Then, my innocent little frog princess asked me to scratch her Clifford's belly and I realized that I'd been duped all along! I began to observe her and, whenever I would say the magic words, there was the mysterious itch: SLEEP, BED. All this time! I'm thinking something's going on with the clothes, with the detergent. But noooo! She was just looking for a way to stay up!

All I want to know is, when did she learn to be sneaky? She had the look and everything. You know the one where she looks at you all needy with the baby browns and the big lashes and just mumbles "uh uh" and points to where it itches. Where does she get this?

But seriously, for the record, I love every minute of it because it made me laugh and reminded me that not only is she growing up but, her personality is shaping up exquisitely! My dad says that my mom and grandma had nothing on her because they were both jokesters, always upbeat and fun and loved to make others laugh. I'm beginning to understand what he's talking about.