Year of Books: What We Read In January


We are feeling good, folks! Did you read about our Year of Books?! Go ahead, click over. We'll wait.

Okay! Now that you are all caught up, I wanted to give you the run down of what was read in the House of Mami! OH and big ups to my girl Jennifer over at Baby Making Machine who is not only doing this challenge with us but, they're looking to clock a full 365 books this year. Go, go, go!!!!

What She Read:

Books we read to her:

I haven't finished any grown up books BUT, this is what I'm working on:

I've been so impressed by her enthusiasm. And I almost cried when she read the first Amelia Bedelia because it's a first chapter book and ohemgee! She's doing it, y'all!!!!

Want a pack of Dolch's 1st grade sight words? Sign up here and you'll get a downloadable file that you can print and cut! 

The January count is 18 books. Not too shabby considering we didn't start this until the 18th of the month. So...are you joining us?! You don't have to have 200 books on your list! Just read! And then share your books with us. Use the hashtag #YearofBooks. Mmmkay?!

*this post includes affiliate links. Cuz Mami needs more books!