43 Things I Was Thinking About Instead of Sleeping


I've been battling a bit of insomnia. Last night, fed up with the ridiculousness of my brain not shutting off, I decided to pick up my phone and just write down everything that was running through my brain. I should be sleeping but, I'm just face down, thinking...

I started writing this list at 2:38 a.m. and this is the stream of consciousness that followed.

  1. I have to finish collecting tax docs to send to accountant.Cat_Glasses
  2. Who sent me a 1099 for $822?
  3. Why can't actual company names be listed on 1099s (that'll match invoices)? 
  4. When will I get this house organized?
  5. I need to buy a house.
  6. I need more money for the down-payment.
  7. How much will closing costs be?
  8. Why does she have so many little toys?
  9. I need to get that wardrobe out of her bedroom.
  10. Did I get my Hispz ticket?
  11. I gotta book a room in Miami for it.
  12. I have to drive to Miami. Cat-Driving-Car
  13. I need to get a brake fluid cap for my car.
  14. How in the hell does a brake fluid cap disappear?
  15. I gotta do her hair this week.
  16. I gotta do my hair this week.humidity
  17. Make appointment with GI doctor.
  18. Make appointment with cardiologist.
  19. Make appointment for mammogram.
  20. Find new OB.
  21. Get boxes to pack up giveaway books.
  22. Drop off donations to BETA.
  23. Send social media links for the Habitat project.
  24. Go to Kohl's.
  25. Get non-candy items for Easter baskets.
  26. Plan to sneak out without the girl for Easter basket.
  27. Get jelly beans and lollipop for Easter magic.
  28. Compare invoices to missing 1099s.I Am Not Fixing This
  29. Call pediatrician to get vaccine records and physical exam forms.
  30. Follow up with school to ensure transcript info is sent in.
  31. Update WP plug-ins on chapter site.
  32. Write up short social media platform to distribute to technology committee.
  33. Find hat, shoes & dress for derby.
  34. Plan derby attendance around DSMMC.
  35. Figure out what I'm packing for next week's trip.
  36. Pack the Frog Princess's bag for when I'm out of town.
  37. Go shopping for her (tops, pants, sandals, socks).
  38. Get flowers for mom & grandma.
  39. Pay car note.
  40. Schedule school loan payment. Ijustwannasleep
  41. Find yoga studio.
  42. Meditate.
  43. Pray.

End time: 2: 48 a.m.

I probably should've added "create an image for this blog post to the list" but I am leaving it at 43. Here's the thing: I should've only been thinking of sleeping and resting. And yet, when I don't do those last 3 items on the list, everything becomes a jumble of thoughts and nerves and "need to do's". Y'all! Why was I thinking of all of this instead of sleeping?

I'm winning my sleep back by making sure that the first things on the list are me, me, me. I can't do it all if I am not well. Sometimes we focus on way too much and that tends to paralyze our forward movement. I need rest, y'all. Sleep and peace. Those are the two things I am praying for as I round the corner to my birthday this weekend.

Do you find yourself staying up at night with your mind racing? What do you do to throttle it down?