5 Techy Gifts You'll Love


I wanted to give you the low down on some techy gifts. But it is HARD! How can I pick just a few things to share with you? Also: I think gadgets are super personal and usually make recommendations only after you've filled out the necessary questionnaire that will allow me to better serve you. That being said, here are some of the techy things I currently love. Understand that this list is like .001% of things I love. I might share additional lists with you later as I am sure that after I post this I will think of about 3 million things I forgot to tell you about.

Mami's Favorite!

SurfaceMy new favoritest gadget by far is the Surface Pro. I have been working exclusively on it since I got it in November. That's a little over a month of no zenMami. I remember telling anyone who would listen that Windows 8 was beautifully built for touchscreen. Though I ran it on zenMami, I was astounded at how true that statement was. When I got the mamiTab, it was love at first swipe. If you need a tablet and oh you also happen to want a laptop, the Surface 2 Pro is for you. Oh and, let me tell you about the accessories (read: these are all on my Christmas list!)

Docking_SurfaceArchTouch_SurfaceWedgeTouch_Surface TypeCover2

  • Docking Station: I love the idea of dropping the mamiTab into a docking station at my desk. This is a must have if you have a Surface 2 Pro!
  • Arc Touch Mouse: I have the USB version of this sexy mouse but there is a bluetooth version available now so, why not pick it up?
  • Wedge Touch:  This little guy is small and slick, just like me! Yes, I need it.
  • Type Cover 2: I love to hear myself typing. It makes me feel more productive. So um, yes, I totally need this to increase my productivity.

Smarty Pants

SamsungSmartTVI done did it! I got me a SmartTV. And let me tell you, I am in deep, deep love with my Samsung. If it was a man, I might marry it (I'd definitely take the engagement ring from it!). What can I say about it other than get one and see for yourself? I love being able to pull up the internet on it or get my NetFlix from the comfort of my bedroom without needing additional equipment. And the biggest AHA moment I had with it? When I connected the mamiTab to it and was able to run my beautiful Windows 8.1 on 40 inches of visual goodness. I may or may not have needed a cigarette afterwards!

The High Def TV Blues

SamsungBlueRayOf course, now that I have the beautiful television, I am going to need a blue ray player, right? I have not made the purchase yet but it's on my list. I am vacillating between the Sony and the Samsung. In either case, I think this is a must have, at least for me.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Nokia-Lumia-928I have been testing the Nokia Lumia 928 for a week now and I'm really digging it. I'm making my way around it but I can tell you that when my other phone service starts acting up (and it's been doing it a lot lately) Verizon's service has come to the rescue. I won't tell you who I'm with but it rhymes with Shrint.

In any case, I love the idea of having an extension of my Surface in my pocket. I can link up my Office 365 to it and have my documents available thanks to SkyDrive. Seriously folks, I'm like a lean mean productivity machine with this thing!

Singing In the Shower?

ShowerTunesI don't know about you but, I like to sing in the shower. It's the only place where it sounds like I can sing. You know what helps, having music while I'm in there. I also like to listen to music that ONE time a year that I get to soak in the tub. Of course, I have to create this whole process prior to me entering the water in order to ensure that 1. my gadgets are nowhere near the water and 2. I can listen to what I want and not have to kill myself getting in and out of the tub to change the music.

When I heard about Splash Shower Tunes I knew my problems were over. Not only will it play the songs off of my phone BUT if a call should come in, I can answer it from this thing! WHAAAT? Yes, gurl! I am completely excited about this. But this isn't just for me, it's also for the frog princess who totally enjoys music. Now she can take her bubble bath with some of her favorite songs and not have to worry about ruining Mami's gadgets.

The Give

I love y'all. You know that, right? However, if these items came to my house, I'd keep them all to myself in a heartbeat. I hope you understand. However! I managed to get my hands on an extra Splash Shower Tunes device and because I love you, I am giving it away (though it would make a perfectly good stocking stuffer for someone in my household). I love you SO much, that I'm giving away the premium speaker which gives you even more battery life.

Tell me, what gadgets have made your wishlist this holiday season?

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