A Mami's Prayer

My beautiful girlchild, You just woke up from your short nap.  Through my tears, I blow bubbles for you not really caring where they land.  Smiling as you chase them down with your index finger out, ready to pop them. You always lift my heart.

Life has not been easy these last few months.  This last week has been especially heart wrenching.  Difficult decisions are made even more excruciating.  So much has to be taken into account.  You are always first in my decisions. But the grief over our loss lingers on.  I hope to one day explain everything to you.  I hope to use this time to illustrate to you how good our God is.

I pray that you have less strife in your journey.  I think every mami prays for that.  Praying that you will learn from our mistakes and by doing so, we would find purpose for our temporary situations.  My pain would be worth it if it means that you don't have to experience it later on in life.

I am praying that God continue to keep you as He has since he knitted you in my womb.  That you continue to be the happy and loving child that you are.  That I do a good job with and for you.  I pray that I am a good example for you.  That our relationship will flourish through good times and bad.  Frog princess, you are the light of my life and I feel blessed and humbled that God saw fit to give me such a special child!  It is my sincerest prayer that you continue to grow beautiful and strong with your faith firmly planted in the One constant in our lives.

And, as you say at bedtime... 'men!