Back to Life, Back to Reality

I have no friends. You may be thinking "oh yes you do!" but I say to you, I do not. Here's how I know: not one of the people that I consider a "friend" took the time to slap the crap out of me when I started flying off at the cuff about school. Um, hello?! Not only do I NOT have friends but the people that I thought were my friends secretly dislike me. That's really the only explanation. What else could it be?

But, I digress. I'm here because I need your help. And since I can't depend on my IRL friends, I am now turning to you. I've decided to do my final project on blogging (duh!). Specifically, I want to address the idea that perhaps blogging is falling by the wayside along with social media. Why do I think this? Well, Kludgy Mom spoke about this recently so I won't state it again but I've been feeling the sting that only silence can bring to one who is well versed in all things social media.

I don't even know if this is a researchable subject. I mean, can I find 3-4 scholarly articles to cite (in addition to Gigi's of course)?  Folks, I am having a "what was I thinking?" moment.  Well, maybe a day week.  The thing about trying to launch yourself into the 5-lane freeway that is consulting/freelancing/hustling@home is that you have to cross that road with buses, SUV's and trucks driving at maximum speed.  Did that make sense or am I babbling again?

What I mean to say is that I am going a million miles a minute, all of the time. I'm not exactly a non-competitive person which basically breaks down to me trying to not sleep in order to make sure I get an A in this Organizational Behavior class (as I type this the clock is making great strides towards 1 a.m.).  Thank gawd I have some cool people in my class and that the teacher seems pretty groovy thus far otherwise, I'd be swimming in tears (and school loan papers). But still, the work has to be done.

And not for the first time am I now wondering what is going to give. The opportunities ahead of me are so wonderful that it's difficult to not pick them up at times (though this past week had me turning down a few things).  But I will say this: I've juggled 10-15-20 projects in the past, co-managed a development team while implementing processes and procedures in order to make everyone else's life better and navigated the waters between the executive team and my rockstars.

What's so different now?

I'm not dealing with projects, rather classes, sponsored posts, and creating/managing relationships with brands.  I've turned in processes and procedures for potty training and managing developers for developing a manager.  I can do this, right?!

As I typed, this post went from me feeling overwhelmed to realizing how much I've handled in the past (when I didn't always control as many of the factors) and how perfectly capable I am of doing this.  All of this.  With a smile on my face.  And in heels. Unmedicated though possibly with a glass of wine in-hand.

Are you finding yourself underwater with to do's? What gives you strength to continue walking towards  your dreams?


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