Before Mamihood

Before mamihood, I was on time for things and used to get pissed at people that weren't. Now, I still get pissed at people but only if they don't have kids. Why you ask? Because it's HARD to get out of the house on time when you're supposed to hold it down for 2 naps a day along with the list of schedules, what ifs and if nots. Before mamihood, I was all about heels but it's taken a while for me to get back to that because I had a deep fear of my child flying out of my arms if I tripped while walking.  I am back to wearing them, but now I stop to wonder if whoever I'll be running into that day is heel-worthy (ala Elaine on Seinfeld asking if a man was sponge-worthy). Priorities.

Before mamihood I used to go to the salon once a week.  Now I am happy with the virtual Wine Down Wednesday I've been encouraging as a source of social camaraderie for those of us that are busy tucking in and reading stories during happy hour.

Before mamihood I thought I'd do cloth diapers but then the frog princess had a blow out and I changed my mind.  I bow down to you parents that use cloth! I wish I could have but Pampers are just too good to pass up especially when I changed diapers with my eyes closed @ 3:30 in the morning.

Before mamihood I imagined a clean house, a strict schedule and a smooth ride but then I realized that I can't do it all, all the time and besides, will the frog princess remember the spotless house or the hours of catching bubbles?  You won't need to call the show Hoarders or anything. I am slowly but surely getting through the boxes of books in the garage, rearranging all things in the closet and generally trying to maintain the Feng Shui of my home. It just has to generally happen during the 1 hour nap or after the frog princess goes to bed (but no vacuuming because that'll surely wake the baby up).

Before mamihood I used to love to go to the club and dance but now I wish they had a club where you can bring your 16-month old because she's THAT MUCH FUN. I try to tell my friends without kids but they look at me like I'm crazy. I should open up a club for us moms. It would have childcare up in the front (in a soundproof room because I'm THAT considerate).

Before mamihood I volunteered and participated in different community events. Now I realize that it's going to take a while for me to get back there because I am building very important sense of community in the life of my child.

Before mamihood I thought of myself. Today, that's usually the last thing I think about.

Before mamihood I wanted to have a blog so that I could share book reviews and Carrie-like advice. Today, I look forward to chatting about nursing, waxing and potty training (yeah, that's coming!).

Before mamihood I was always self-conscious when pulling out the phone to show a picture.  Now, if you don't watch out, I'll have you trapped for hours regaling you with pictures, videos and the background story for each (if you should be interested in this, please let me know as I'm available!).

Before mamihood I thought I was happy. Now I realize that I am beyond blessed.  The giggles of my frog princess can get me out of whatever mood I'm in.  And her hugs are the absolute best. I think I can only compare them to my mami's and I know that there has to be a correlation because it's pure heavenly love and something only a mother and child can share.

Before mamihood I would've written this blog on my 6-month anniversary but now I think 6 months and 2 weeks is pretty damn good! Don't judge me...