A Blogger's Guide to Keeping It Together


I am often asked how I get it all done. How I keep it together. Truth is, I haven't been because I haven't gotten myself organized. So I had to remedy that situation because I've always worked better when I can keep the happenings of life together. That's how Organizada was born. A compilation of things I keep track of, things my friends have complained about not having and general organizational items that I thought necessary.


I’m sure you've used an organizer before. I’m not trying to give you the history of the organizer but, I wanted to let you know my thought process for some of these pages.  The first few pages are single copies that are reproducible as needed.

The blog at a glance page gives you some general information  for quick references. There are times when an opportunity comes up and a brand/network asks for that information and I have had to go into each one of those platforms in order to gather the details. Now, this information can be found in one place.


If you are blogging as a business or want to grow your blog as a business, you should start to set goals and organize yourself in a way that will allow you to keep track of this information.  As your blog flourishes, having all of the information in one place will help you report out, as needed.

I use the month at a glance page as my once-over and general guideline for the month.  I like to see my month at a glance and then my weekly pages right after. This allows me to plan ahead and also to look back to what I've done.


The weekly pages give me more of a reality check as to what’s happening: what posts went up, sponsored posts I've written and any giveaways that might be taking place. At the end of that month, I can then go back to that monthly page and fill in some of the blanks (outcome and takeaways).

The income, expenses and giveaway pages gives you a running list of these items. I've also provided that information in an Excel workbook once you buy the organizer and sign up for the mailing list, for ease of use. This might seem tedious right now but it’s a cakewalk compared to having to compile all of this information come tax time. Remember, you are a brand and a business! Let’s start operating as such.

You’ll need multiple copies of the weekly pages by month (I've provided you one for each month). There, you can keep track of the happenings, the brainstorms and the posts that go up on the site. Oh and most importantly? Your mantra of the week.

I  printed mine off and bound it but this can also go into a binder. Whatever works for you. I think what you'll like most is having the pieces of the puzzle and being able to put it together based on your needs.

Here's what other bloggers are saying about Organizada:

"Organizada is a great tool for bloggers who are taking their business to the next level. It keeps me organize all in one location. I can also keep things online for easy access using Office365. It is a must have." - Yadira Ambert, Club de las diosas

"Whether you're an experienced (but disorganized) blogger or just starting out, Organizada is the perfect place to plan out the things you didn't even think about planning out for your blog. I wish I had something like this when I started over 4 years ago!" - Fadra Nally, allthingsfadra.com and SocialDialect.com

"I love the Organizada. It's a great tool to print out and slip in my planner if I want or just use online to really plan out the site activities I should be performing (and maintaining) with my business. It does a nice job of SHOWING me what I should do instead of just telling me." - Tawanna Browne Smith, Moms Guide to Travel

"This is a great way to stay on track with everything blog related. It almost makes it too easy! This organizer is a must!" - Jai, Mami's Time Out

Now go on and buy your copy!