Blessed Through Music


I woke up on Saturday and realized I hadn't taken any time off in 12 days. And because I work from home, I am always connected.

I was reminded of priorities and self-care this past week (and as I crawl toward the inevitable date of the anniversary of Mami's passing this weekend). I need to do more of it. Like I did this weekend.

And that's not just physical. It's mental and emotional. My dad is back and the toxicity of his hurt, grief and inability to express it appears to be slowly permeating through my peace. Which means that I need to clear my space and create what I need for myself and the frog princess.  As I walk towards my word of the year, transcending will mean that I must leave things behind. And people.

But there are constants. This past week I was driving and thinking about Mami and wishing she was here and thinking about how she would respond to this thing or that. Suddenly, I Can Only Imagine was playing on the radio. The song played as they carried her out of the church that last time. It now plays with perfect timing as it did that week after she passed (though it had been months since I heard it on the radio, I got a chance to listen to it every day that week).

There are days that I wake up with a song in my heart. At first I didn't think anything of it. Figured it was my brain remembering the last song it heard (ala It's a Small World). But then I realized it was more of a private message put there by God himself. A smile. A hug.

On Sunday, the song was We Lift Our Hands. Have you ever heard the song? You can't not be in a praising mood after you hear it. So my heart woke up dancing. I rushed to church, dropped the frog princess off in her classroom and off I went.

I found my seat then I heard that they had taken a vote on what songs were going to play this week via social media (where was I?). I knew in my heart what would happen next. We Lift Our Hands started playing and the energy in that sanctuary went through the roof. I had tears in my eyes. Because, like the song playing on the radio, I was reminded that God was near. That He is walking with me through this journey. That He is keeping His promises when no one else seems to be. And for me, that is more than enough.

Are you ever blessed through music?