Capturing Unforgettable Memories at Walt Disney World


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts, opinions and smiles are purely my own. My first trip to Walt Disney World was 1989. I had bright clothes and big hair. Don't believe me? Look!


That's my cousin Emy. We had a blast on that first trip. It was overwhelming. So much to see, so much to do. We. Were. At. Disney.

I'm glad I have glimpses of this trip. This picture reminds me that I need to go to this same spot and take a similar photograph with the Frog Princess. 

Of course, we'll use the Disney PhotoPass® Service. That's the official name of the service of amazing photographers that get to capture all the smiles and cheers as we walk around the park. It seems that they get sprinkled with fairy dust because they always know the best spots for awesome photos.

Some of my favorite places to shoot?

I'm in awe with the Tree of Life®! It is above board. Maravilloso, I say!

You can probably spend an hour looking at its massive trunk while attempting to find the 300 animals that have been masterfully carved there.

The Princesses and the Pic

Y'all, how many times have we been to Disney? I think because we have that "we'll be back" mentality, sometimes we don't rush to do things. Like. Meet. Tiana.

I'm ashamed to say we had never caught up with our girl but I am also glad it happened this way. Why, you ask? Because this had an extra dose of magic. The Frog Princess didn't know she was coming. I got teary eyed and hoped no one saw me. Look at this face!

Living the Magic: Capturing Unforgettable Moments

As usual, the surprise, the smiles, the giddiness are all transferred over to me. Not that I didn't have my own, mind you. We loved it and the best part is we get to visit these memories over and over again for years to come.

Capturing the Magic at Walt Disney World

And yes, I like to join in the fun. I like meeting princesses too!

Living the Magic: Capturing Unforgettable Memories at Walt Disney Word

I've told you before, you have to show your Disney side, people! Know how else I show my side? Awesomesauce photos like this!


Life is short! Show your Disney side and make sure you are capturing a little bit of magic with fantastic pictures that you can enjoy for years to come.

Capturing the Magic at Walt Disney World

Capturing the Moments

Being a single parent poses a special photo-taking first world problem. Because it's difficult to take my own pictures. I mean, there are only so many selfies I could have and I always want to incorporate the views around me. Enter Memory Maker!

Pay attention because this is like my bestest tip for photography.

I don't have to stress about whether or not I'll get an awesome image here or there, I don't have to worry about being able to find a nice picture to print for Papi so he stops harassing me about why he doesn't have a recent picture of the Frog Princess (why does no one want a picture of me, I ask you?).

If you're like me, you lug the camera around the entire time and never actually use it. Then you use your phone to take pictures and never download them.

With Memory Maker you get to have your picture taken by the Disney PhotoPass photographers, get home, ohhh and ahhh over how great they look and then, download and print. Attraction photos and videos are included as well as magic shots and dining photos.

And now you can save by purchasing in advance. You can't beat that. Do you see now why this is such an amazing tip? You're welcome!

And because I am the keeper of the memories in my family, I leave you with two adorable babies that have my heart.


This is what happens when your sister is in charge of the memories AND a blogger. Aren't they cute! Uncle Pete and Titi Q love the magic too!

Did you miss any parts of this series? Lucky for you, I have a list!