Soulful Sunday: Bliss and the Sea


Bliss_on_Sand I took this picture while I was on a beach in the Bahamas. The beach is sacred to me. It is the place where my soul finds it's source. Clear blue beaches are best for this. Perhaps it's because I was born on an island surrounded by beautiful blue waters.

To see my child in the waters of my childhood felt magical.

Frog Princess in the sea

This picture whitewashed itself. Not entirely sure why the phone burst with light but, I fell in love with the feeling of it. The girl, the sand, the sea and light.

I loved it all. Loved the little chance I got to recharge (because you don't get a break or "relax" time with a 5-year old attached to the hip), to think about the year to come and to be filled with gratitude for all that has transpired.

I am in such a cool space right now. Even with the obstacles that I face regularly, there's a level of joy that I haven't felt before. It's the undercurrent of my being and I am taking it all in.

And I am reminded of my coaching as I try to guide women to this. Of the book that I am attempting to finish. Of the life choices I have made. To always reach for my bliss.

Reach for your bliss!

Here's hoping that you're reaching for yours.