Claiming Your Superpower

Twenty days after the birth of this blog I wrote a post called I Make Milk, What's Your Superpower? I did it as part of a linkup with Mary, the Mommyologist and first blogger that evah spoke to me. I'm forever grateful to her. See, she had started this Mom Sexy thing. And that long, long post written late at night as my kid was reworking her sleep schedule was my way of telling the world I was Mom Sexy!

The last line of the post was: I have conference calls while strapped to my Medela Freestyle, my nipples look like chewed up gummy bears and I’m STILL Mom Sexy!

Because it was true.

I felt so empowered being able to get through those obstacles. The mountain I don't think I climbed, though, was the oppressive attitudes towards nursing around me. I mean, I talked about nursing, I shared my experience and all that jazz. But I only recall going out once with my little frog princess while on maternity leave. I mean going out and having her in her sling while I nursed in public.

Looking back, those 8 weeks at home were a slight haze. I can't exactly explain why I didn't go out more except for the fact that it seemed time was liquid and there was a big drain in the middle of my home where it all leaked into.

I think it's the reason why I said I wanted a shirt with the title of that blog on it. Because if I had to do it over again, I'd try to find a plug to cover that drain. I would be comfortable in my own tits, so to speak. And not be worried about what others thought (including anyone that was with me). Interestingly enough, it's almost as if I purposely kept myself out of that situation in order to avoid confrontation.

Since then, I'd like to think I've helped other Mamis get through the hurdles that sometimes come with nursing. I hope that I have made a difference in the life of a Mami wanting desperately to breastfeed. I hope that I have strengthened someone enough to be confident out in public and okay with the obstacles that are sometimes encountered.

I'm not an expert, by any means. And I know many who have struggled and not been able to accomplish their goal of nursing. Which is what makes it that much more special when someone does. I want to celebrate that thing that I did. That thing that I almost gave up on. That thing that I am most proud of. Which is why I created this thing:


I must admit, it's making my ovaries tingly. This shirt is giving me ideas. But even if I never nurse another child again, I will wear this shirt proudly. I think if you have ever TRIED to breastfeed, you need to be applauded. It is hard work.

I hope you will join me in wearing this beauty.  To show not just what you're made of but what you have made.

As I prepared to launch the shirt, I kept thinking I should do a little more to spread the message regarding breastfeeding and the fact that it is a natural thing for women to do (why do you think those pretty boobs are for?).  

So, I emailed Abby over at The Badass Breastfeeder for suggestions regarding organizations that support nursing women. After going through some suggestions, I settled on Project Breastfeeding. I don't know how many shirts I am going to sell but however many, I'd like to donate a portion of the sales to this project. Because it's about a lot more than selling a cute shirt on the blog.

I love the reason why this project came to be and I love Hector's words:

Destigmatize public breastfeeding. Educating Men. Empowering Women. Our goal and mission statement is simple, we need to normalize breastfeeding once again.

What are your thoughts/experience/feelings about breastfeeding?