Novelas In Commercials!


Today I got a chance to finally do a little traveling. As you may or may not know, I had surgery six weeks ago and have been unable to do all of the things I'd planned to do this summer. Alas, on the mark of my 6 weeks, I got a chance to go to St. Petersburg to be a fly on the wall during the taping of a Bright House commercial.

These aren't any ol' commercials. These are the Spanish language awesomeness in the form of a telenovela spoof.


I stayed longer than I expected and kinda didn't want to leave. That could have something to do with the yummy snacks, the great conversations and the outstanding rapport that I felt on set with this talented crew.

The frog princess had an awesome time and she only caused panic within my heart once. Wearing headphones while listening in to the talents recording, she blurted out "In her house!" after hearing Jesika say the same words in Spanish. Um...y'all, can I say horrified (while slightly proud at the same time since I'm having a hard time loosening her tongue to speak my native one).

My head is still spinning but I promise I'll give you more details later. In the meantime, I suggest you get yourself caught up with the soap opera drama that Jim and Jesika are bringing to Central Florida!

Did you (or your family) watch novelas? What are your favorite memories of this very Latino pastime?

And check out La Promesa de Jim for more goodness. Stay tuned! More later! For more pictures, check out the hashtag #HelloVideoShoot.

Disclosure: I was invited by Bright House to attend this shoot. Because it was out of town, I was provided with a hotel room to stay in. Also, we inhaled a large amount of snacks which they provided. And no, I feel no guilt over eating all the yummy food.