Electronic Clutter

As I think about decluttering, I realize that it extends to iHottie (the Mac).  I have all kinds of files to organize and categorize but, I think a quick win would be to start with emails.  Why you ask? Well, it seems that my emails are out of control. Why do I have over 6 email accounts? Is all that necessary? I always have good explanations too!  But ultimately, do I need them all? I can't even keep up!  So, let's start deleting!  I've also decided to start unsubscribing from all the things that I don't read/look at.  It's like the boxes in your closet/garage.  If you haven't used it in the last couple of months and it's not a seasonal thing, are you really ever going to make use of it?  I'm trimming the fat and trying to simplify more than just my physical space.

I'm finding that, all the clutter (electronic or otherwise) ends up taking space in my day that could be used for something else.  It also takes a level of energy away from you that you can't really get back.  Slowly but surely, I'm honing in to the things that take my attention but don't necessarily deserve my focus.

What do you find yourself being sucked into day in and day out that causes you to be busy but doesn't necessarily equate to you being productive?  What holds your attention that you can do without?  What can you do today to change that?