Giving Myself the Gift of Being Covered


A couple of years ago I had a cyst scare. Yes, you heard about the boobs (and not for the first time). I was able to quickly set an appointment with my family physician who sent me over for a mammogram. All was well but I was told I had to go in every 6 months to follow up. While the little nodule is still there, I have never gone back for a follow up.

Not because I don't want to. I lost my health insurance in the Fall of 2011. And while I've made sure the frog princess was covered one way or another, I haven't done the same for myself.

Since then I have only had emergency care. That means, something was hurting or I'd broken out into a rash, etc. in order for me to go to the doctor.


I moved from never having to worry about health insurance to it always being in the back of my mind. Right before I lost coverage I had to get a sonogram and was found to have a fibroid. It hasn't been handled since. I did spend money out pocket this summer and fall in order to make sure I was going to be okay.

I don't think of myself often but making sure that I am healthy is paramount as a Mami. From the sounds of things, I will most likely need surgery at the beginning of the year to handle the fibroid and the endometrioma that has decided to pay me a visit after many years of having my endometriosis under control.

So today, when I was able to finish up my application on I finally realized the impact that not being insured for the last 2 years has had on me. I literally sat back and openly sighed when it was completed. Feeling my body release a tension I had not known existed.

As the know-it-all in my family, it is my role to educate and help others in various aspects of life. Healthcare is one of them and yes, I will be sharing and encouraging those I love to take the steps necessary in order to practice a little self-care.

I think the biggest issues I see is that there's such confusion as to how this work. I found a great video that helped me in better understanding the affordable care act. With so many people talking about it, it helps to look for yourself and get a clear idea of what this is and how this is going to help you.

It is my sincerest hope that if you are not insured that you will check out and practice the gift of giving this Christmas. Give yourself peace of mind that you might not even know you need by ensuring that you get covered.

Take care!

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