How They Dance


I hear a lot about co-parenting. Most of what I hear is not good. More often than not, it's a difficult road to navigate and yet so many of us find ourselves there. I've been given many compliments on our co-parenting. A good amount of it makes me want to pull out my hair. Facebook does not tell our story. Neither does the blog. The stories are told in abrupt text messages, short phone conversations and face-to-face talks that are sometimes sprinkled with tears.

When the ex and I sat down for that conversation 6 years ago, the one thing we were both mindful of was that we didn't want the Frog Princess in the middle of our mess. I hope that we've accomplished that. But it's come at a cost. I can only speak for myself in the ways that I feel I have sacrificed for the good of the order but I know he has felt the same.

I feel the need to give you that background. To hopefully get you to understand that this has been a long road strewn with hurt feelings, miscommunication, family mishaps, forgotten commitments and plenty of side eyes.

But, it's also come with ER visits, family cuddles after surgery, dinners, ice cream treats, and more than a few instances of the three of us walking together, hand in hand.

For me, it was of the utmost importance that the Frog Princess maintain a strong bond with her dad. I don't have that and more than anything, I want her to feel that love and care and have that open communication with the first man that has ever loved her.

When the first daddy daughter dance opportunity came up, I'm pretty sure I was more excited than she was. These moments are so precious and set up so much for her in the future.

They coordinated their outfits (she picked our her dress and then helped him pick our his tie as it was a ties and tiara themed event), he brought her flowers. Yandelina the Elf was gracious enough to bring a tiara from the North Pole for the Frog Princess to wear.

I tried to document it all but I'm not sure if I did the moment justice.

I love the way they look at each other.

I have no idea where she gets her side eye from, y'all!

She got to wear my wrap because it was chilly outside. And, I kept her tiara crooked because we were busy achieving happiness rather than perfection.

Because I like to keep it real witchall...he and I got into an argument about her booster seat as they left. So, the moment was beautiful but not without the reality that here are two very different people that came together to make one very special child.

That being said, it's good to capture the good times and the good moment. In the end, it's all about how they dance through life and how she learns to love and be loved.